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Clinical Psychologist-上海-00374

职位概述: Provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and crisis interventionof mentally ill patients. Primary focus on children, families andChinese-speaking patients.
职责: 1.Develops and coordinates a clinical treatment program for thediagnosis, treatment, or referral of patients presenting moderate tosevere social or mental behavior problems. Majority will be onoutpatient basis, but will also provide inpatient and ER care asnecessary. Primary focus on children, families and Chinese-speakingpatients.
2.Provides a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment plan coordinatingwith other medical staff.
3.Administers programs of treatment, interviews and observes patients,and evaluates case histories. Monitors patients’ compliance withmedication plan (in coordination with prescribing physician).
4.Interprets intelligence, achievement, interest, personality, and otherpsychological tests to diagnosis disorders.
5.Exercises legal prerogative to commit clients as specified in the Careand Treatment of Mental III Act.
6.Conducts individual or group therapy sessions in accordance withaccepted principles of the American Psychological Association.
7.Treats disorders utilizing various psychological techniques andselects therapy.
8.Assesses patient progress and modifies treatment program accordingly
9.Coordinates care of patients with referring physician or agencies.
10.Documents therapy according to established procedures.
11.Intervenes as a crisis counselor in situations requiring immediatepsychological treatment.
12.Communicates with family to further the effectiveness of treatmentprogram. Coordinates with billing and modifies treatment according toinsurance coverage and ability to pay.
13.Develops experimental designs and conducts research in fields ofprevention of mental disorders.
14.Participates in professional development activities and maintainsprofessional affiliations.
15.Cooperates with marketing initiatives.
16.Maintains patient confidentiality.
17.Performs related work as required.

任职条件: 1.Master degree in Clinical Psychology.
2.PhD, PsyD, or EdD in Psychology preferred
3.Completion of internship required by degree.
4.One year of supervised experience under a licensed psychologist.
5.Must be licensed by the State Board of Psychologist Examiners.
6.Additional appropriate education may be substituted for one year ofsupervised psychology experience.
7.Knowledge of the principles and practices of clinical, counseling andrehabilitation or research psychology. Knowledge of current social andhealth problems related to psychological disorders. Knowledge ofcommunity resources and referral agencies. Knowledge of group dynamics.Skill in counseling. Skill in establishing and maintaining effectiveworking relationships with patients, staff, and the public. Ability toevaluate, diagnose, treat and commit patients. Ability to administer,score, interpret, and evaluate, diagnose, treat and commit patients.Ability to administer, score, interpret, and evaluate variedpsychological data. Ability to write reports and document patients’progress.
8.Requires sitting for long periods of time. Occasional bending,stretching or lifting. May require contact with individuals withcommunicable diseases. May require assistance in restraining violentindividuals weighing anywhere from 100 – 300+ pounds. Requires theability to work under high stress conditions for long periods of time.Ability to hear normal range of voice. Ability to prepare writtenreports and use telephone equipment.
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