Therapist Director 治疗师长-北京-00624

面议 北京 6-10年 硕士 全职
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Therapist Director 治疗师长-北京-00624




康复医疗服务范围: 神经康复, 骨科康复, 心脏康复, 孕期及产后康复, 儿童康复, 物理治疗, 作业治疗, 言语治疗, 认知康复, 假肢矫形,针灸, 水疗, 高压氧, 中医 (TCM).


Therapist Director, United Family Rehabilitation Hospital (BJURH)
Summary of Responsibilities:
Therapist Director will be responsible for the overall therapists’ work:PT, OT, ST, RT. He/she will be responsible for creating relativeclinical policy and pathways, teaching and training therapists,coordinating with other hospital departments; public education andpresentation, marketing events, and guiding junior therapists in theperformance of their duties.


Create a vision for the future of therapy at BJURH
Develop protocols, workflows and guidelines for therapy
Properly allocate therapists human resources
Coordinate cross-department care with other clinical departments andfacilities
Supervise and direct therapy documents
Develop training plan of therapist according the BJURH whole trainingplan
Oversee all therapy aspects of therapy, including regular communicationwith the Nursing staff so that any changes in treatment plan, medicalcertificates, insurance forms, etc. can be addressed early
Participate in community events coordinated by BJURH
Participate in public health education events as organized by BJURH andBJU
Other responsibilities assigned by CMO and DCMO.


Therapist (or Doctor) education from an approved school of medicine;
Achievement of associate chief technician in a 3A hospital in China or awestern training/board certification equivalent
At least 8 years of post-training practical experience at a 3A hospitalor equivalent
Admin capability: team management and/or training experience, at least 5years relative experience.
Oversea work experience.
Visionary therapist who wants to build a new service concept in BJURH
Proactive, creative, team leader who can contribute to the developmentof BJURH
Communicating effectively orally and in writing, both in Mandarin andEnglish
Showing willingness to learn from mistakes
Working collaboratively with team members
Using computers, computer software and other digital devices tocommunicate with professional staff
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