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校园招聘 - Resident Pharmacist 住院药师培训生(预备药师)-Beijing-00736

和睦家医疗 2017-02-26发布 2017-05-20截止
  • 学历要求: 本科
  • 英语要求: 熟练
  • 年龄要求: 不限
  • 专业要求: 药学
  • 工作年限: 不限
  • 月薪范围: 面议
  • 职位性质: 全职
  • 工作地点: 北京市
  • 职称要求: 不限
  • 招聘人数: 6人


Personal and professional development个人及职业发展:
1. Attend training sessions as set up by UFH pharmacy residencyprogram参加和睦家医疗住院药师培训项目的培训
2. Develop competencies according to pharmacy residency performancestandards。根据住院药师行为标准来培养专业能力
3. Be responsible for self-directed learning in order to support thecollection of a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate competence.具备自主学习的意识,在工作中收集可以证明自己专业能力的证据
4. To participate in regular appraisals with the residency tutor and/ormanager. 定期参加与导师和/或药房主任的个人评估

In Patient Pharmacy住院药房:
1. Daily in-patient medication replenishment at the ward 补充每日住院患者病房药品
2. Daily stock top-up and labeling 补充每日科室备药
3. Discharge medication preparing and billing reconciliation患者出院带药的准备及账单重整
4. Shadow inpatient pharmacist for clinical duties 跟随住院药师学习其职责

Out Patient Pharmacy门诊药房:
1. Prepare medications according to prescriptions 根据患者处方准备药品
2. Answer phone calls and triage accordingly 接电话及进行适当分流
3. Shadow pharmacist to develop prescription reviewing and counselingskills跟随门诊药师学习如何审核处方及咨询技巧

Pharmacy purchasing and stock management 药房库管工作
1. Maintain pharmacy inventory and ensuring adequatesupply保持药房库存,确保及时的药品供应
2. Daily purchase orders and returns. 处理当日定药接收及退药
3. Stock shelves and maintain cleanliness of pharmacy and stockroom保持药房、药架及药库的整洁
4. Keep record of expiration date of medications记录药品效期
5. Participate in periodic stock check.参与周期性库存检查

IV Admixture Room静脉药品配置室:
1. Under the supervision and upon completion of validation protocols,compound intravenous medicines 在监督下完成相应的培训后,负责静脉药品的配置
2. Daily and periodical deep cleaning of biological hoods and IV room每日及周期性的生物防护服及静脉配置间的深度清洁
3. Maintain and manage medicines and consumables inventory and expirydates 记录及管理药品及耗材的库存和效期

Other tasks其他任务:
 Assist in compounding extemporaneous preparation.协助制作临时的院内制剂
 Support colleagues in the Pharmacy Department 支持药房同事
 Special pharmacy projects as assigned by pharmacy manager ortutor完成药房主任或导师交给的工作任务
Bachelor in Clinical Pharmacy or Master in Pharmacy 临床药学本科或药学硕士
Pharmacy technician who has completed 3 years of work at UFH pharmacywith bachelor degree 在和睦家医院工作满3年具有本科学位的药师助理
Window Office: Word, Excel 掌握Word及Excel的使用
Good English reading and speaking skills 良好的英语听说能力
Pro-active and versatile to adapt to different sets of tasks积极主动并能应对各种不同的任务
Good customer service skills良好的客户服务技巧
Motivated and proactive work attitude积极主动的工作态度
Good interpersonal skills良好的人际交往能力
Meticulous and hardworking做事严谨、工作认真
Pharmacists are responsible for the safe and effective usage ofmedication in healthcare system. The primary responsibilities includereviewing medication order and dispense medications. At United FamilyHealthcare, pharmacists work as an integral part of medical team andconstantly communicate with physicians to provide optimal medicationusage. Pharmacists also dispense medications with comprehensivecounseling to patients and/or nurses.

This position is a trainee pharmacist position. The curriculum isadopted from pre-registration pharmacist program from RoyalPharmaceutical Society in the UK. The trainers will include pharmacistsqualified from the US, the UK and other countries. The residentpharmacist will start with technician duties then gradually transitionto junior pharmacist’s roles.

联系人: 人力资源HR

地    址:北京市朝阳区将台路2号

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