Automation Scientist/Engineer for Life Sciences Research

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Automation Scientist/Engineer for Life Sciences Research

iHuman Institute is a new international effort established as a researchinstitute located on the campus of ShanghaiTech University. Theinstitute is a gateway to the world of Shanghai life science research.What makes iHuman Institute special is that it is focused exclusively onthe basic and applied science of human cell signaling, integratingmultiple tools for scientific discovery, and bringing together leadingresearchers throughout the world. Cell surface receptors and theirrelated intracellular proteins are responsible for human cellularcommunications with each other and their environment, and are involvedin a wide range of physiological activities. Such a central role inhuman biology makes cell signaling the target for intervention fortuning physiological responses and fighting numerous conditions anddiseases. These proteins are central to understanding the evolution ofmankind and human cognition at a molecular level.
The institute is focused on the study of human cell signaling using acombination of state of the art integrative structural biology, cellbiology, chemistry, computational chemistry and biology, and the rangeof imaging technologies from molecule to man. For more information see

Academic Disciplines:
An exciting scientist or engineer position is available to developintelligent software and hardware for an advanced state of the artmolecular structure determination/protein crystallography beamline atthe Shanghai Synchrotron Research Facility (SSRF) in collaboration withiHuman Institute at ShanghaiTech University and the Shanghai SynchrotronRadiation Facility. This position will include the development of dataprocessing and analysis, beamline control, and data collection softwareas part of a multi-institutional team. The ability to understand thecomplex system of instrumentation and its scientific applications arecritical.

1、Several years experience in programming in C++, Python, Java, Tck/Tk,and other languages used in scientific applications and moderninstrument control systems, as demonstrated by record of productivity.
2、Experience in EPICS will be a plus.
3、Experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence as appliedto instrument control also a large plus.
4、Experience in protein crystallography would also be beneficial but notnecessary.

Please apply on the applicationsystem(,upload your cover letter,including a cv and names of at least 3 referees.

Contact:iHuman ( & Ray Stevens(

For more information, please visit
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