Recruitment Consultant 招聘顾问-Beijing-00927

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Recruitment Consultant 招聘顾问-Beijing-00927

1. Proactively Learn, Understand And Follow Policy, Process AndStandards Of UFH;
2. Build Good Working Relationship With HR Consultants & BizManagers;
3. Proactively Understand And Analyze Business Needs;
4. Publish Recruitment Advertisements And Maintain Good Employer Brand;
5. Collect Candidates From Both Recruitment Officers And Other Channels;
6. Promote Internal Referral Program;
7. Ensure Collected Resumes Are Stored In System;
8. Conduct HR Interview And Provide Professional Comments AndRecommendations;
9. Follow Up With Hiring Managers And Candidates On Interviews, SiteTours, Salary Negotiation, Offers And Reference Checks;
10. Use Recruitment System To Manage The Recruitment Process, AndProduce Quality Relevant Paperwork;
11. Proactively Collect The Talent Market Intelligence In HealthcareIndustry, e.g. Hiring Plan, Employer Branding, Recruiting And C&BBench Mark, Retention Plan etc.;
12. Work Closely With Colleagues To Establish Candidate Database;
13. Bring In Clinical Chairs & Professionals To Provide Trainings ToWhole Team.

1. BA/BS+ degree;
2. 8+ Years HR Working Experience Among Which 5+ Years Focus OnRecruitment;
3. 3+ Years MNC Experience Preferred;
4. HR General Knowledge and Practice;
5. Strong Influencing, Interaction, Communication Skill;
6. Strong Relationship-building Skills;
7. Fluent In English And Chinese, Both Oral And Written;
8. Good MS Skill Is Must.

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