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Qualifications and Skills

Degrees in physical education, exercise science, fitness, martial arts,or nursing. Basic physiology, life support certification, written andoral English communication skills are essential.
Physical Therapy Assistant Job Purpose

A. Assists physical therapists in helping patients recovering fromsurgery, illnesses, and injuries to manage pain and to regain movement.

B. Promotes and maintains health and functional abilities by providingphysical therapy services under the supervision of a physical therapist.

C. Where appropriate, optimize and enhance functions of clients andpatients by implementing training strategies designed and devised by aphysical therapist.

Physical Therapy Assistant Job Duties

1. Evaluating and training patients with varying levels of abilities ofmovement and functions, walking and transfer (walking, moving in and outof their wheelchairs, etc.) with or without aids.

2. Performing therapeutic procedures, exercises and stretches;instructing, encouraging, and assisting patients in performing physical,ambulatory, functional, and daily-living activities, and in usingsupportive devices, such as crutches, canes, and prostheses.

3. Using mechanical and electrical medical devices on, for or withpatients under the direction or supervision of a physical therapist.

4. Demonstrating correct techniques and offering support and correctionduring rehabilitation within limits of specific pathologies or patientneeds.

5. Assisting the physical therapist with clinical documentation with anappropriate level of understanding of relevant medical physiology,biomechanics and terminology.

6. Respecting patient rights – A physical therapy assistant has aprofessional responsibility to uphold patient rights. These rights mayinclude, but are not limited to privacy, confidentiality, dignity, aswell as a right to accept or refuse treatment.

7. Contributing to effectiveness of rehabilitation by identifyingpatient care issues, recommending courses of action to optimize orimprove care, implementing physical therapy directives, and measuringand monitoring whether clinical objectives and goals have been met.

8. Maintaining safe working environment by complying with procedures,rules, and regulations of the organization, including infection-controlpolicies and protocols.

9. Keeping professional knowledge up-to-date by participating ineducational opportunities, reading professional journals andpublications, and participating in professional organizations.
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