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UFH Family Medicine Fellowship 和睦家医疗全科医生培训生-Guangdong-广东

和睦家医疗 2016-12-11发布 2017-01-21截止
  • 学历要求: 硕士
  • 英语要求: 熟练
  • 年龄要求: 不限
  • 专业要求: 临床医学
  • 工作年限: 二年以上
  • 月薪范围: 面议
  • 职位性质: 全职
  • 工作地点: 广东省
  • 职称要求: 不限
  • 招聘人数: 若干


Primary job functions主要工作职能:
Provide patient care and participate in the three tier evaluation process. Each tier includes clinical rotations (direct patient care) and evaluations such as verbal or written testing.
参加三个阶段的病患管理评估过程。每个阶段包括临床轮转(直接看患者) 和评估,包括口头或书面考试。

Additional job functions其他职责需求:
Include but not limited to quality improvement, marketing projects as required of other UFH physicians. Physicians will be expected to be ambassadors for UFH and good primary care practice.
Master level or above with at least 2 years of direct patient care experience. Has had direct patient care experience in at least one of the following specialties: General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Must have completed a 3 year residency program in a Chinese government approved program or overseas medical clinical experiences.
必须已经完成中国政府批准的3年住院医师规范化培训项目, 或海外医疗工作经验。

Language abilities语言能力:
Should have good mandarin Chinese and English skills

Candidates must have a clinical license in the Chinese health system at the time of hiring.

The link “Apply position” on this page goes to the general Human Resources databank. Please use that button if you wish to apply to all other positions. To apply for the FM fellowship, please click below link instead:

More information please click on this link http://ufh.com.cn/cpcpe/FMtraining

Family physicians provide comprehensive, coordinated and continuous care for patients within the context of their community. Family doctors are able to treat a wide range of conditions (acute and chronic) and have a breadth of knowledge that spans across all specialties. A well trained family physician can diagnose and treat 80% or more of the health care issues presented by patients in his/her community, and works together with colleagues from other medical specialties to provide integrated care for those patients who need it. The family doctor works to coordinate high quality care that is centered on the person, and provided by the whole team of specialist colleagues, nurses, therapists and other staff. The family doctor promotes health and treats illness for the whole family, developing relationships with children, their parents and grandparents that are personal and often life-long.
家庭医生为社区患者提供全面关联和持续的医疗健康服务。家庭医生的治疗范围广泛(包括急性和慢性疾病),有着深厚的跨各专科的知识。一个受过良好训练的家庭医生, 可为所在社区的病患诊治80%的健康问题, 也会协同其他专科医生为需要的病人提供综合治疗。家庭科医生围绕以人为中心协同各专科医生,护士,康复师和其他同事提供高质量的健康医疗服务。家庭医生为整个家庭传播健康知识和治疗疾病, 与孩子,父母,祖父母们建立密切长期的保健医疗关系。
Fellowship training will start off in Beijing and fellows will rotate to different UFH facilities from time to time. Upon completion of training, fellows will be expected to work in the location designated for them at the time of hiring which currently includes Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,Tianjin,Qingdao and Ulanbator(Mongolia).

Competitive salary with benefits. Salary will progress with passing of each tier. An estimated time is one year for each tier but exact timing will depend on the previous experience level and progress of individual physicians.

Training Curriculum 培训课程:
The training curriculum is divided up into three tiers with fellows having more autonomy with each advanced tier. Each tier is passed after satisfactory completion of individual rotations as determined by preceptors and relevant examinations. Each tier will take on average 12 months to pass but fellows may take longer or shorter time depending on their previous training and programs.

5 year employment contract
UFH does not make any promises regarding ability of employees to get residency permits.

Opportunities 机会
During Training 培训过程中
• Participate in a curriculum developed by experienced family medicine faculty with previous experience in family medicine training programs in the United States,UK,Canada and Australia
• Be mentored by an international team of family physicians who have trained in and practice family medicine in China and all over the world
• Take regular assessments similar to examinations offered in the United States to family medicine residents

Upon Successful Completion培训成功完成后
• Will be able to work in an English speaking international healthcare environment comfortably
• Help train other family physicians for UFH and China
• Be eligible for full employment and family physicians at one of UFH’s facilities.

联系人: 人力资源HR

地    址:北京市朝阳区将台路2号

Pioneering Healthcare in China: United Family Healthcare

United Family Healthcare (UFH) is an international hospital and clinic network that provides private, premium healthcare. Founded in 1997, UFH has remained true to its pioneering vision. All UFH hospitals and clinics provide patients with high quality premium healthcare in a personalized setting, often surpassing the standard of service found elsewhere in Asia or the world.

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