Junior Neurosurgeon 初级神经外科医生-北京-00985

面议 北京 3-5年 博士 全职
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Junior Neurosurgeon 初级神经外科医生-北京-00985

1. Practice daily outpatient and inpatient clinical duties.
2. Deliver and perform the UFH standard clinical service to thepatients.
3. Interact and work closely with multiple hospital departments tosuccessfully complete tasks.
4. Help and guide nursing staff and other medical staff to improve thequality of care.
5. Assist and set up the UFH neurosurgical clinical protocols andstandards.
6. Support communications between local hospital and BJU for continuouspatient care.
7. Assist and support to develop the new service line of neurosurgery.
8. Assist to perform independent research related to neurosurgery.
9. Other duties as assigned by supervisor or department head.
1. Doctor Degree of neurosurgery.
2. Chinese certified clinical doctor.
3. Three years clinical experience at least.
4. Team player and capability of working independently
5. Integrity and strong initiative drive
6. Excellent and effective communication skill.
7. Multitask and problem solving skills.
8. Computer skills, proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel,PowerPoint
9. Fluent English both verbally and literately.
10. Clinical research and training skills.
11. Extensive knowledge in neurosurgery.
12. Good understanding of the neurosurgery service that BJU provides andthe level of standards that BJU strive for.
13. Knowledge of hospital network and special field academicorganizations.
14. Knowledge of Chinese healthcare regulatory.
15. Knowledge of neurosurgery new service line development
1. Deliver high quality inpatient and outpatient care to patientssuffered from neurosurgical diseases.
2. Work as the liaison between local hospital and BJU for continuouspatient care.
3. Assist to develop the new service line of neurosurgery.
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