CCC Technical Support 客户关注中心技术支持-北京-01173

面议 北京 1-2年 本科 全职
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CCC Technical Support 客户关注中心技术支持-北京-01173

• Responsible for the data center architecture design and serveroperation management, make sure 24x7 availability of data center.
• Install new / rebuild existing servers and configure hardware,peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc. inaccordance with standards and project/operational requirements.
• Perform daily system and regular security monitoring to identify anypossible intrusions;Perform daily backup operations.
• Apply call center system patches and upgrades on a regular basis, andupgrade administrative tools and utilities.
• For the call center team PC technical support to ensure normaloperation of the call center computer terminal
• Bachelor degree with technical major, such as engineering or computerscience.
• At least 2 years system administration experience, particularly inlinux system and mysql data base knowledge.
• At least 2 years Data center operation experience that have practicalexposure and administration experience in data center.
• Attentive to details and client needs, and quick to responses.
• Ability to work under pressure
• Excellent oral and written English and Chinese preferred.
• Good command of Chinese, English skill is preferred.
• Familiar with popular call center technology construction, perfect inPBX, ACD, CTI, IVR, recording technology and equipment ,
• Familiar with Linux system and mysql database,able to ensure the dailyoperation and maintenance, backup database;
• Familiar with technical management process, able to work out operationmanual and guideline;
• Familiar with computer network composition and configuration;
• CRM or HIS relative knowledge is preferred.
• Quick learner and self-motivated team player.
UFH Call Center technique relative support duties
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