United Family Healthcare –Market Development Officer-市场发展主任-北京-01235

面议 北京 3-5年 本科 全职
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United Family Healthcare –Market Development Officer-市场发展主任-北京-01235

Day-to-day compiling, updating, and improvement of highly pertinentmarket research data from which the company will make strategicmarketing decisions regarding existing and new markets. This includessourcing competitor information, crafting spreadsheets and charts,working with outside market survey companies, and other such researchactivities;
o Brainstorming and forming marketing strategies for existing, butespecially for new markets, aimed at building patient volume andincreasing revenue for all facilities, current and future;
o Setting-up and fostering strategic alliances with importantstakeholders in current and future markets;
o Contacting new potential partners and key market drivers in marketsthat UFH considers for expansion, maintaining an orderly database ofthese stakeholders;
o Attending stakeholder meetings with the VP of Marketing andCommunications and take notes, following up on specific activities thatresult from these meetings;
o Developing targeted marketing campaigns, especially for non-insuredstakeholders;
o Building self-contained, packaged marketing programs aimed atincreasing awareness and knowledge of the UFH model to new potentialstakeholders who are unfamiliar with the UFH brand;
o Deepening brand value by helping to maintain a strong Visual Identitydatabase;
o Reviewing all relevant daily Chinese media stories and relaying keyinformation to the VP Marketing and Communications and others;
o Reviewing share of voice media reporting and helping create strategiesto improve media placement return on investment, especially fordeveloping markets;
o Compiling marketing reports for other UFH colleagues as well asmarket-level colleagues;
o General liaison and coordination with the UFH/Chindex developmentteam;
o Vetting UFH corporate sponsorship opportunities;
o Protecting brand and visual identity by reviewing Chinese languagematerials and signage produced for the public.
 Carry out certain administrative work such as:
o Follow-up on key client or stakeholder requests;
o Provide hospital tours for key customers as available;
o Regular relationship management with existing UFH key stakeholders;
o Prepare marketing materials as needed;
o Prepare and present monthly and quarterly activity reports;
o Create PowerPoint presentations;
o Track UFH projects and coordinate with market level facilities.
 Provide ongoing input to and be ready to assist with projects asrequested by the GM of Beijing market, assisting with such projects asmedia management, local relationship building, and more.
Bachelor’s (University) Degree;
 At least three years experience in marketing/communications in ahealth care related setting in China;
 Proven experience in results driven daily communication with both;international and domestic based senior management level executives;
 Proven experience in positively managing budgets and working withmarket analysis statistical models;
 Media relations skills a plus.
Strong research capabilities;
 Excellent interpersonal skills;
 Communication skills are paramount, both in dealing with potentialmarket drivers outside the organization and with people at all levelswithin the organization;
 Good computer (MS Office) skills;
 Professional presentation and manner;
 Ability to deliver exceptional value through relationships at alltimes;
 Strong ability to handle multiple priorities and tasks;
 Have drive, determination, demonstrated commitment, and the desire tobe successful;
 Excellent English language skills, both spoken and written
 Team player and also able to work independently in setting up andcompleting tasks.
Experience creating and executing health care marketing campaigns andpromotions;
 Experience with calling on new customers, introducing health careservices to new potential partners;
 Clear understanding of marketing models, key marketing metrics, andeconomic statistical analysis
Under the direction of the UFH Vice President of Marketing andCommunications, to assist in compiling and updating highly pertinentmarket research data, developing targeted marketing strategies,strengthening communications capabilities, increasing awareness,enhancing brand value, and executing UFH-led marketing tactics,especially for new markets where UFH plans growth.
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