Finance Controller

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Finance Controller

Position Summary
 As a member of the Carebridge senior management team and corporateservices function, the finance controller is responsible for thecomprehensive, efficient, and service-oriented delivery of allfinance-related functions of Carebridge.
 The finance controller must ensure adherence to relevant China andinternational GAAP, regulatory, contractual and hospital policies andrequirements. Work will consist of a high volume of transactions acrossmultiple, but related entities (e.g. Clinics, Hospital, Parent Company,affiliated companies, etc.) and requires strict attention to detail andadherence to tight deadlines.
 Finance Controller is responsible for the operation of theCarebridge’s accounting functions, revenue cycle operations, reporting,budgeting/planning and internal control processes.
 Finance controller is responsible for interactions and communicationwithin the Carebridge corporate services group, as well as with theHospital, clinics, auditors and other third parties regarding fiscalmatters.

 Oversees all fiscal operations and controls for Carebridge’s andJiahui Hospital’s various services lines and departments, as well asadministrative cost centers.

 Responsible for accounts receivable, invoicing, and claims management.Meet on a regular basis with Revenue Cycle Leader, ReimbursementAnalyst/Manager Billing and Coding, other relevant staff to ensureperformance measures and services goals are met in accordance withCarebridge expectations.

 Oversees Carebridge’s accounting, financial analysis and budgetingstaff and/or outsourcing services provider. Set and maintainpriorities. Responsible for establishing and monitoring individualgoals, conducting performance evaluations and professional developmentplans for staff. Assess options for in-house vs outsourced delivery,with a view toward optimizing cost and end user service levels.

 Responsible for driving customer service and performance levels whilstmaintaining a strong control environment. Also charged with leading thecontinuous improvement and change process, ensuring effective andregular communication with group to share best practice and driveinnovation.

 Overall responsibility for timely preparation of annual financial planand budgets for Carebridge and its various operational entities.Coordinates budget activities. Represents the Finance Department atbudget reviews Carebridge, hospital, and clinic leaders. Specificresponsibility for preparation of Carebridge’s and Carebridge entities’general/administrative and unallocated cost budgets. Reviewsexpenditures related to these budgets and recommend actions asnecessary.

 Ensures that questions from department and service line managersregarding financial practices or other fiscal matters are responded toappropriately and in a timely matter. Provides support to businessoffice and other departmental managers regarding fiscal matters.

 Overall responsibility for fiscal controls throughout the department,including compliance with generally accepted accounting principles andHospital policy as well as operational controls in key areas such asrefunds and credit balances. Works closely with Carebridge, hospital,clinic, and other entity staff to identify issues and ensure properresolution. Provides support and guidance to division staff onmaintaining appropriate financial controls, separation of duties etc.

 Provides analytical support, projections, modeling and recommendationsto Carebridge leaders and operating entity department managers regardingcurrent financial status, budgets/forecast, compensation and proposedinitiatives (e.g., compensation plan redesign, overhead allocations,department charge analysis, etc.). Communicates and works withindividual Executive Committee members as needed.

 Maintains and presents monthly financial reporting package forExecutive Committee. Develop executive summaries. Presents monthlybilling communication to Executive Committee, Chiefs, and otherdepartment managers.

 Stays abreast of market with regard to practice management, accountsreceivable management, and various regulatory changes and policies thatimpact billing and collection activities.

 Manages the Finance Department’s involvement and responsibilities withrespect to conversions and upgrades of automated financial systems,enterprise planning systems, hospital information systems, and customerrelationship systems as required.

 Other duties as assigned.

 10-15 years related experience.
 B.S. Accounting or Finance.
 CPA or relevant advanced degree/certification preferred.
 Thorough knowledge China and US GAAP, accounting processes andcontrols.
 Demonstrated experience in the design, implementation and improvementof Finance/SSC processes and able to demonstrate ability to delivercontinuous improvement in complex businesses.
 Exceptional communication skills, a record of developing relationshipswith multiple stakeholders and managing expectations whilst deliveringagainst strict deadlines
 Substantial experience with automated accounting/financial systems andimplementations/conversions.
 Demonstrated management and staff development abilities.
 Fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English
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