Senior IVD projects researcher高级病理诊断试剂研究员

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Senior IVD projects researcher高级病理诊断试剂研究员

Position Summary:
The IVD Supervisor/Senior Antibody Researcher will be responsible forIVD projects development with best class quality of diagnosis hotspotand frontier targets to help our customer discover more.

Essential Job Functions 基本工作职责:
­ Study deeply on targets information, including target function,expression pattern, subcellular location, clinical application prospectand etc.
­ Design the immunogen of IVD targets.
­ Can manage IVD development project, and be responsible for the wholeprocess of targets development until publication.
­ Can design immunogen and antibody screening experimental includes WB,ICC, IHC, IF, IP and Flow, and make decisions about how to move thedevelopment forward into next step.

­ 深入研究靶标各项信息,包括靶标作用、表达模式、亚细胞定位和临床应用前景等
­ 设计IVD诊断试剂抗原
­ 负责管理IVD诊断试剂项目,包括从抗原设计到产品上市的整个流程
­ 负责设计抗原和抗体在WB, ICC, IHC, IF, IP 和 Flow的筛选实验,并根据实验结果作出下一步的判断。
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