Medical Record Assistant & Translator

面议 上海 1-2年 本科 全职
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Medical Record Assistant & Translator

Chinese) service in SHU wide.DMajor in providing medical recordtranslation (English
Other jobs related to medical record delivery and quality controlincluding:
1. Dispatch charts in timely manner as requested.
2. Receive and review charts for completeness and accuracy.
3. Be responsible for electronic medical notes audit.
4. Be responsible for patient information release. Photocopy, fax oremail medical records as requested from patients.
5. Maintain charts.
6. Answer telephone calls, emails, and handle mails, fax, etc.
7. Complete task as superior assigned.
8. Assist superior in the efficient and effective management of medicalrecords department.
9. Substitutes for other medical staff as needed.

College or equivalent majored in health information management ornursing preferred.
At least one year work experience, especially in hospital settings orother related healthcare industries.
Oversea study or working experience preferred.
Skills & Knowledge
Having a working knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiologyand disease processes.
Be familiar with office software.
Having ability to speak, read, write, understand English Language.
Good communication skills.

To establish systems and procedures for the efficient distribution anduse of medical records throughout the hospital.
Responsible for patient information release issues.
To assist medical record manager in the efficient and effectivemanagement of medical record.
  • 本科

  • 1-2年





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