Health Advisor 健康顾问 (兼职)

面议 北京 3-5年 硕士 兼职
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Health Advisor 健康顾问 (兼职)


1. Healthline Services
-Provide prompt professional health and wellness counseling advices,health education, recommendations to Healthline clients when they callthe Assistance Centre by phone calls
-Be available for all training and CME sessions as required.
-As per roster, undertake shifts in office.

2. Development and Promotion of Intl.SOS and Aspire Lifestyle Services
-To participate and support, under the direction of Senior HealthlineAdvisor, -Healthline Program Manager and China Medical Director, and inconsultation with the Business Manager, Partnership Development Manager,in appropriate
Social and professional activities to assist in marketing or generalmanagement objectives.
-To assist in explaining Aspire Lifestyle as well as Intl. SOS scope ofservice to prospective and existing clients upon request from theMarketing Department
-Develop Healthline and other health and wellness services serviceprovider network
-Develop health and wellness new services

Required Competencies
-Taking initiative and responsibility for all case related and othertasks, both at individual- and group level.
-Continuous learning attitude.
-Ability to work well within a team structure.
-Must be able to use computer system to enter and maintain call notes
  • 硕士

  • 3-5年



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