Customer Service Officer (Payment function )-Shanghai-01399

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Customer Service Officer (Payment function )-Shanghai-01399

1. Checking cashier communication before starting work each day.
2. Updating inpatient invoices.
3. Receiving payment from patients and comparing patient information toinvoice details.
4. .Creating and issuing patient's bills, in line with the insurancecompany requirements.
5. Collecting co-payment and deductible payments for direct billinginsurance.
6. Explaining the following procedures to the patients.
7. Receiving deposits from patient for ER, in patients, and day surgeryservices.
8. Obtaining approval of the patient credit cards from the bank.
9. Preparing in patient check out bills, and rechecking the final billwith the doctor and nurse.
10. Inputting the billing data into the specialized medical billingsystem.
11. Preparing daily reports for direct billing insurance, companies, andembassies etc.
12. Distributing insurance claim forms for the doctors?signature.
13. Assisting in the follow up of outstanding bills
14. Other duties as assigned.
1. The suitable candidate will have a technical degree with one or twoyears working experience in finance or related areas.Healthcareexperience is a plus.
2. Proficient in both oral and written English
3. Good computer skills.
  • 学历不限

  • 经验不限





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