Sr. Medical Affairs Manager 医学事务经理

面议 上海 3-5年 博士 全职
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Sr. Medical Affairs Manager 医学事务经理

Job Summary职位概述:

-Develop product related medical strategies and oversight for thedifferent BAs
Main Tasks & Responsibilities主要工作职责 :

1.Develop and lead a highly motivated and well-trained team with anobjective and performance led culture and ensure skilled staff andservices in place to support execution of operational plan.
2 Work with medical affair director to set up medical objectives,develop medical strategies and tactics, and make medical plans forcorresponding disease area; Align with corresponding BAs on the medicalobjectives, strategies, tactics and plans; Take actions strictlyfollowing the plans.
3 Coordinate IIS (investigator initiated studies) by close collaborationwith investigators, medical and scientific information team andBAs;Support Roche sponsored phase IV clinical studies in the China.
4. Develop HCP and medical related SOPs according to the requests of DiaSymphony;Make plans for the training and implementation of the SOPs;Take actions strictly following the plans.
按照Dia Symphony的要求,制定HCP及医学相关的SOPs。制定这些SOP的培训及实施计划并严格按计划实施。
5. Work with medical affair director to develop the KOL medical andscientific collaboration plans in accordance with the medicalstrategies.
6. Make external medical information materials for corresponding diseaseareas and give presentations at adversary meetings or other medicalsymposiums; Make internal medical information training materials forcorresponding disease areas and train both medical and BA colleagues atdifferent Roche events.
7. Develop and maintain a good working relationship with Global Medicaland Scientific Affairs for better understanding of global medicalstrategy and pipeline information, and sharing of best practices.
8. Timely update the latest medical and scientific development incorresponding disease areas and the adjustment of global medicalstrategies and work with medical affair director to make adjustments torelated medical objectives, strategies, tactics and plans if necessary.
9. Review corresponding event applications to make sure compliance withDia Symphony and related SOP’s, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and HCPguidelines; Review HCP PPTs and Roche promotion materials to ensure nooff-label promotion.
审阅相关的活动申请以确保符合Dia Symphony及相关的SOP, GCP和HCP指南。审核HCP幻灯片和罗氏推广材料以确保没有注册证外的推广。
10. Review speaker pool registration applications and speaker engagementapplication to make sure that all the speakers are qualified and medicalcontents in the speaker PPTs are accurate, fair, balance, evidence-basedand compliance with local regulations.

Basic Requirements of the Job基本任职资格:
Education& Qualifications教育背景与专业资格:
-MD, PhD or PharmD and working experience in relevant disease areas医学,科学或药学博士及相关疾病领域的工作经验

• 5+ years of experience in developing and implementing medicalstrategies for various diseases in the medical or pharmaceuticalindustry 在医疗或制药领域有5年以上的制定及实施不同疾病领域医学战略的经历
• Clinical research and trial management experience, and the ability tointeract with KOLs with sufficient knowledge, expertize and confidence.有可以及临床试验管理经验及有基于足够的知识,专长及自信而与KOL进行互动的能力
• Excellent presentation and teaching skills and the ability torepresent the company in a professional manner at medical, scientificand public events. 有优秀的报告能力及教学技巧,有代表公司参加医学,科学及公共活动并表现专业的能力
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