Obsterician and Gynaecologist 妇产科医生-北京-00061(001737)

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Obsterician and Gynaecologist 妇产科医生-北京-00061(001737)

1. Prescribes prenatal and postnatal care; performs deliveries inmaternity cases. Treats diseases and injuries of female reproductivesystem by surgical and conservative means.
2. Obstetrics – the post holder will provides comprehensive prenatal,intrapartum and postnatal care. Gynecology – the post holder providescomprehensive care of the treatment and prevention of diseases andinjuries of female reproductive system and the male partner whererelevant, and to promote reproductive health.
3. This includes the provision of care in clinics, delivery rooms,operating theatres and the emergency department. Both in house (residentin the hospital) and on call duties are required at a frequencydetermined by the needs of the department.
4. The post holder will work as part of a department team which includesnurses, midwives, administrators and managers to provide a safe, highquality and efficient service to patients, maintain high quality medicalrecords, and complete such forms as are required for the properfunctioning of the department and the hospital.
5. The post holder will work with other departments, such asanesthesiology, pediatrics, surgery, radiology, in the hospital toprovide an integrated patient centered service.
6. It is expected that the post holder will undergo annual appraisal,job planning including setting objectives in line with the needs of thedepartment, carry out at least 1 audit each year, and will serve on atleast one hospital/clinic committee. The post holder will contributefully to the work of the department including attending regularmulti-disciplinary team meetings for the purposes of clinical review,developing clinical pathways, and keeping up to date with changes inmedical practice (CME). The post holder will work closely with theDepartment Chairperson in supporting departmental goals, and may begranted additional responsibilities based on consultation withDepartment Chairperson.

1. Board Certified/Board Eligible (or equivalent) in Obstetrics andGynecology
2. Doctor of medicine degree (or equivalent) from an approved school ofmedicine
3. Completion of residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at ahospital and program acceptable to the
4. department Chairperson and Chief Medical Officer
5. Minimum 3-5 years experience post-residency in the clinical arenapreferred
6. Fluency in English Required
7. Fluency in Mandarin a preferred
8. Fluency in German and/or French a plus.
9. Superior diagnostic skills
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