Coordinating Doctor协调医生

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Coordinating Doctor协调医生

Work location:
- Beijing or Shanghai

Key Responsibilities:
- Medical Assistance Services. Taking and handling all medically andoperationally related calls received from all types of Chineseclients/patients. Provide prompt professional medical advice. Organizeand supervise appropriate medical assistance. As per roster, undertakeday and night shifts in office.
- Aero medical Evacuation. Act as a medical escort when required forappropriate medical cases based on Medical Transport Standards (MTS).
- Promotion of SOS Services. Explaining International SOS’ scope ofservice to prospective and existing clients.
- Network development and maintenance. In Mainland China region, help todevelop and maintain a high quality medical network.

Qualifications & Requirements:
- Medical degree or above., Hold clinical medicine license
- At least 5 years working experience in in ICU / ER / GP / surgery /internal medicine
- Good command of Chinese and English, both in speaking and writing
- Excellent communication skills both internally (with team members) andexternally (with patient / clients), especially over the phone.
- Comfortable with night shifts, aero evacuation assignments and otherbusiness trips when needed.

- 北京或上海

- 航空医疗转运。根据医疗运输标准,在需要时承担航空医疗转运陪同医生职责,帮助转运病人。
- 推广国际SOS的服务。负责向潜在客户群体介绍和推广国际SOS的服务范围。
- 发展和维护医疗供需网络。协助相关团队在中国大陆地区建立和维护高质量的医疗供需网络。

- 临床医学五年制本科及以上学历, 持有医师执业证书、医生资格证书
- 五年以上临床经验(急诊、ICU、大内科、外科、全科等)
- 良好的中文和英语交流能力,包括口头和书面交流
- 优秀的沟通能力,包括与团队成员的沟通、以及与客户、病人的沟通,特别是电话沟通能力
- 能够适应夜班、航空转运任务、及其他必要的商务差旅。
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