Senior Antibody researcher高级抗体研究员

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Senior Antibody researcher高级抗体研究员

Position Summary:
The senior antibody researcher will be responsible for development ofRabMAb with best in class quality of researching hotspot and frontiertargets to help our customer discovermore.高级抗体研究员负责开发世界前沿和热点研究靶点的高质量兔单克隆抗体,帮助我们的客户发现更多。

Essential Job Functions工作职责:
Immunogen designing based on database and target info. 基于数据库和靶点信息设计抗原。

Study on target info based on published papers, datasheet ofcommercialize available antibody and Swiss-prot,etc.通过文献查阅、商业化抗体和Swiss-prot等途径充分收集和掌握靶点信息。

Antibody screening experimental designing includes WB, ICC, IHC, IP andFlow, etc. based on targets information and analysis the results testedby corresponding antibody screening technician. 根据靶点信息设计WB, ICC, IHC, IP和流式相关的筛选实验方案并分析技术员检测的实验结果。

Make decisions about how to move the development forward into nextstep.基于检测结果,决定项目是否继续进行下一步的开发。

Responsible for the whole process of antibody development untilpublication.负责从抗体开发到上市的整个流程。

Regular work report and project progress management.日常工作报告和项目进度管理。

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications基本要求:
Rigorous academic trainings in cell biology and >=5 years’ hands-onexperiences in the study of cell signalingpathways细胞生物学学术背景,具有5年以上信号通路研究经验

More than 3 years experiences and able to do trouble shooting onfollowing laboratory techniques: IHC, ChIP, ELISA, IF/ICC, flowcytometry, western blot, etc. 3年以上IHC, ChIP, ELISA, IF/ICC, flowcytometry, WB相关实验和问题解决经验

Excellent reading and writing in English with good oralEnglish英语读写熟练,听说良好

Ability to rigorous logical thinking具有严谨的逻辑思维能力

Skillful communication with colleagues and teamworkguidance具有良好的沟通能力和团队协作能力

Active and initiative work attitude for making progress relativeindependently具有主动积极的工作态度和独立解决问题的能力

ŸStrong willingness to contribute to bio-industry and help scientistsdiscover more致力于生物行业发展,愿意帮助科学家发现更多

Education Qualifications教育背景要求:
Minimal master degree in life sciences required. PhD or Post DocPreferred. Education abroad a plus.硕士及以上生命科学相关专业,博士或海归经验优先。
  • 生物学

  • 硕士

  • 3-5年



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