Senior ICC/IF researcher高级免疫荧光研究员

面议 浙江杭州市 3-5年 硕士 全职
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Senior ICC/IF researcher高级免疫荧光研究员

The senior ICC/IF researcher will be responsible for ICC and IF-Frozenapplication development of RabMAb with best class quality of researchinghotspot and frontier targets to help our customer discovermore.高级免疫荧光研究员主要负责世界前沿和热点研究靶点的高质量兔单克隆抗体在免疫荧光的应用,帮助客户发现更多。

Essential Job Functions工作职责:
Study deeply on targets information, including target function,expression pattern, subcellular location, clinical application prospectand etc. 通过靶点功能,表达模式,亚细胞定位和临床应用前景等途径充分收集和掌握靶点信息。

Decide whether the product is suitable for ICC/IF-Frozen application ornot. 基于检测结果,决定产品是否应用免疫荧光。

ICC/IF-Frozen trouble-shooting in antibody development.负责抗体开发过程中免疫荧光相关问题的解决。

Can manage antibody development project, and be responsible for thewhole process of antibody development untilpublication.管理抗体开发项目,负责从抗体开发到上市的整个流程。

Can design immunogen and antibody screening experimental includes WB,ICC, IHC, IF, IP and Flow, and make decisions about how to move thedevelopment forward into next step. 根据靶点信息设计WB, ICC, IHC, IP和流式相关的筛选实验方案并分析技术员检测的实验结果。

Reply the emails about ICC/IF complaints and enquires of Rabmab.邮件回复兔单克隆抗体在免疫荧光应用的投诉和咨询

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications任职要求:
Rigorous academic trainings in cell biology具有细胞生物学学术背景

Have rich experience in ICC and IF experiments. 具有丰富的免疫荧光经验

More than 3 years’ experience and be able to do trouble shooting onfollowing laboratory techniques: IHC, ChIP, ELISA, IF/ICC, flowcytometry, western blot, etc. 3年以上IHC, ChIP, ELISA, IF/ICC, flowcytometry, WB相关实验和问题解决经验

Ability to rigorous logical thinking. 具有严谨的逻辑思维能力

Skillful communication with colleagues and teamwork guidance.具有良好的沟通能力和团队协作能力

Active and initiative work attitude for making progress relativeindependently. 具有主动积极的工作态度和独立解决问题的能力

Strong willingness to contribute to bio-industry and help scientists todiscover more. 致力于生物行业发展,愿意帮助科学家发现更多

Education Qualifications教育背景要求:
Minimal master degree in life sciences required. PhD or Post DocPreferred. Education abroad a plus.
  • 生物学

  • 硕士

  • 3-5年



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