English Copywriter

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English Copywriter

JOB TITLE: English copywriter


Lead English copy development across all of our health care brands

Independently research, evaluate and generate/proofread English contentsfor marketing initiatives including but not limited to promotionalcollaterals, website contents, press materials, patient education,advertising copy, etc.

Write compelling copy that helps English-language consumers to learnmore about their health and that empowers them to make informeddecisions about health care in China


Native English speaker preferred. Conversational-level Mandarin will bea plus.

Highly capable of writing with precision and concision, beauty andcreativity

Efficient in content generation, and be able to handle multi-tasking onvarious content flows

Great communication skills with co-workers. Embrace teamwork.

Minimum three years working experience in English content creation rolessuch as reporter, editor or brand journalist, etc.

Knowledge and work experience in health care would be a plus

A visual mindset to present contents in diverse manners (such asinfographic, poster, pictures, video, etc.) would also be a plus

  • 本科

  • 3-5年



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english copywriter 文案Copywriter

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