Graphic Designer

面议 上海徐汇区 3-5年 学历不限 全职
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Graphic Designer


We are looking for a graphic designer to help design all materials andassets for Jiahui Health and its parent company, Carebridge Holdings.

The designer will be responsible for layouts, visuals, and visualmerchandising, and must follow the principles of our brand book andguidelines.

The scope of this design work includes:

• Product brochures: design and regularly update brochures that promoteour services and products
• Patient education: design and regularly update patient educationmaterials
• Events: design invitations, notices, and posters for all of our publicevents, big and small
• Social media: create graphic elements for all of our social mediapostings, on Weibo, Wechat, and LinkedIn platforms
• APP: design graphic elements that will accompany any content for usein our consumer app
• Website: design graphic elements that will accompany our websitecontent
• Internal communications: newsletters, signage, internal event graphics
• Public presentations and documents: help colleagues develop and edittheir presentations so that these assets are on brand, and are beautifulto look at
• Training: Give regular training to new employees on how to use ourPowerpoint templates, and how to create beautiful presentations
• Gifts: design special VIP gifts as they come up during the year
• Photography: be responsible for taking photos at key events, andarchiving them for search and use later
• Video: help direct and edit any small video productions (such asseminars and special talks) as they come up during the year
• Retouch art as necessary

In addition to graphic design, the designer can also lead the effort inphysical spaces visual merchandising, allowing him/her to use creativityand sophistication to design and install patient education messages inareas located at our clinics and wellness center that are designated formarketing use

Although this designer will be primarily responsible for the visualelements and graphics related to our brand, this designer will also bestretched in other marketing areas as our work demands, and as thedesigner's talent allows.


Bachelor's degree in an art-related major
3+ years of work experience in an in-house design role, or a role in adesign/advertising agency
Strong visual design portfolio
Must be fluent in Chinese; English ability is a plus
Must be able to work in a fast-paced, team environment
Must be able to work efficiently, and manage own time
Passion for making great and original art & design
  • 学历不限

  • 3-5年



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