Occupational Therapist 作业治疗师

面议 北京 1-2年 大专 全职
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Occupational Therapist 作业治疗师

•Working with patients to identify the functional problem; developingand reviewing treatment program;
•Assisting patients with physical and mental problems that affectparticipation of daily life, especially following hand surgery; helpingpatients' rehabilitation following accidents, injury and strokes oraging; helping patient’s struggle with developing problem.
•Writing patient case notes and treatment reports;
•Educating and advising patients and their careers about how to preventand/or improve conditions;
•Cooperating with other healthcare staff to supply and receive relevantinformation about the background and progress of patients; and referringpatients who need other specific medical attention;
•The senior Occupational Therapist assists in the supervision andeducation of junior physical therapists; the junior therapist attendsthe training courses.
•Managing clinical risk.
•Attend the marketing work.
•Others work assigned by therapist head.

•BSc in Occupational Therapy
•Valid Chinese primary rehabilitation therapist license
•A genuine concern for the wellbeing and health of patients;
•Basic clinical rehabilitation therapist knowledge and skills;
•Basic communication skills in English;
•Capable of performing basic evaluation and treatment under higher-level supervision.
  • 大专

  • 1-2年



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