Physical Therapist 物理治疗师

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Physical Therapist 物理治疗师

Working with patients to identify the functional problem; developing andreviewing treatment program;
Assisting patients with joint and spinal problems, especially followingsurgery; helping patients' rehabilitation following accidents, injuryand strokes;
Writing patient case notes and treatment reports;
Educating and advising patients and their careers about how to preventand/or improve conditions;
Cooperating with other healthcare staff to supply and receive relevantinformation about the background and progress of patients; and referringpatients who need other specific medical attention;
The senior physical therapist assists in the supervision and educationof physical therapists; the therapist attends the training courses.
Managing clinical risk.
Attend the marketing work.

Valid Chinese intermediate rehabilitation therapist license;
A genuine concern for the wellbeing and health of patients;
Efficient rehabilitation therapist experience in specific expertise;
Medium English level;
Capable of performing evaluation and treatment under higher-level supervision.
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