Hygienist Assistant

面议 北京 1-2年 学历不限 全职
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Hygienist Assistant

• Understand and demonstrate proper sterilization, biohazard andinfection control
procedures in compliance with protocol.
• Demonstrate complete knowledge of dental terminology.
• Perform all chairside procedures efficiently.
• Demonstrate knowledge of dental instruments and proper tray setups.
• Properly take, develop and mount all radiographs.
• Efficiently direct patient flow through teamwork and communication.
• Perform all necessary lab procedures.
• Responsible for stocking treatment areas/carts and dental relatedfacility
• Demonstrate knowledge of dental treatment equipment maintenanceprocedures.
• Patient/staff rapport -- make positive contribution tooffice/organization.
• Ability to identify and explain chart sticker numbers as they relateto financial
arrangements and specialty referral.
• Perform basic computer function.
• Demonstrate cost effective techniques when utilizing supplies andequipment.
• Assist office in achieving defined goals.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Graduated from dental school with at least 3 years program and anassociate
• 6 month to one year dental assisting experience
• Current dental assistant license is required in certain states.
• Demonstrate a working knowledge of dental records and documentation.
• Ability to perform basic computer functions.
• Comply with protocols and standards.
• Exercise knowledge of dental instruments and terminology.
  • 学历不限

  • 1-2年





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