Health System and Proess Engineer

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Health System and Proess Engineer

Job Responsibility:This role is to epitomize the partnership betweenengineering and the integrated practice within Jiahui to support designand improve the health care delivery model through the use of systemsengineering, and operational analysis.
Areas of focus: Identifying practice stakeholders within Jiahui toleverage clinical and technical knowledge and engineering tools tooptimize the design of our service models, information management andmetric acquisition across the organization.
• Increasing the utilization and improving capacity management ofclinical processes (patient flow, laboratory, etc.) as well asfacilities operations.
• Understanding workflow and teamwork and establishing work environmentsthat enable providers to feel motivated and satisfied with theirperformance
• Examining workload and proposing and testing interventions to optimizetask performance and staff well-being
• Understanding the usability of medical equipment and itssocio-technical impact
• Improving the understanding of patient demand and outpatient accessand developing decision-support systems

Prior to hospital opening, the HSE will spend part of their time as anintegral member of the clinical operation team supporting clinicalprocess mapping, and the design of systems for acquiring medicalinformation from an understanding of care processes. In this the HSEwill support determination of requirements for new health informaticsinitiatives, including hospital information management systems,operational performance measurement and reporting. The HSE will helpdocument and analyze processes, gather requirements, perform bestpractice reviews, gathers data to support, prioritize and align businesscase development and requests, and performs current state assessmentsand gap analysis on initiatives.

Key Accountabilities
• Liaising with stakeholders (clinical, IT and business functions) tounderstand project structures, policies, workflows, requirements andoperations to identify, model and document business, process, and datarequirements
• Acting as an advisor to the teams by assessing project risks,identifying risk mitigation strategies and opportunities and monitoringrisk through the life cycle of the project. Recommends solutions toachieve goals and outcomes.
• Supporting testing, the development of implementation materials andprocess definition and design.
• Translating process and architectural complexities in a manner thatassists project stakeholders in understanding issues more clearly.
• Providing project management support to coordinate and monitor theproject and key deliverables.
• Interacting with stakeholders at all levels, receives input, andprepares reports for all levels of governance and stakeholders.

Desired Skills and Experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial or Systems Engineering relatedexperience in health care is an asset
• Superior analytical skills, documentation, workflows, including theability to comprehend, analyze and resolve complex issues.
• Highly developed business writing and verbal communication skills withthe ability to document work appropriately.
• Knowledge of project structures; documentation of workflows; healthcare setting and analytical tools.
• Demonstrable skills handling change requests, impacts, and trackingtasks, actions, risks, issues and impacts.
• Resourceful; well-organized; systematic analysis; strategic thinking;critical thinking; attention to detail; leadership and managementskills.
• Knowledge of information technology applications and outcomes achievedthrough new platforms
• Demonstrated ability to exercise good judgment and initiative, dealwith frequent changes; make decisions for a wide variety of complexbusiness matters.
• Demonstrated ability to use database, spreadsheet and word processingsoftware at an advanced level.

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