Radiographer 放射技师 上海

面议 上海 1-2年 大专 全职
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Radiographer 放射技师 上海

1) Performs all radiological diagnostic procedures and fluoroscopicexaminations. Operates radiographic and darkroom equipment.
2) Provides explanation and instructions to patients. Checks accuracy ofinformation regarding patient. Instruct patients regarding procedures.Obtains patient history for IVP, fluoro exams, mammograms, ultrasounds,etc., and asks about the possibility of pregnancy.
3) Assists the radiologists and physicians in performing radiographicprocedures or tasks. Uses variety of radiation protection and shieldingmaterials.
4) Maintains stock in individual x-ray rooms and responsible forrestocking work area
5) Available for night, weekend, or holiday work as needed.
6) Participates in in-service programs, staff, and educational meetings.
7) Maintains patient confidentiality.
8) Evaluates radiographs or images for technical quality, assuringproper identification as recorded.
9) May be required to travel to other clinic facilities to performradiology procedures upon demand.
Other duties Performed-
Equipment maintenance includes finding and reporting problem,instructing bi-engineer repair if necessary.

Graduate from Medical School of Radiology Technology Major.
Minimum Experience Requirement-
Familiar all radiology procedures operating.
Certificate or Licensing Needed -
Graduate Certificate, Qualification Certificate
  • 医学影像学

  • 大专

  • 1-2年



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