Optician 验光技师

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Optician 验光技师

Interpreting optical prescriptions written by optometrists orophthalmologists 向患者解释由验光师或者眼科医生开具的处方 ;
Giving advice to patients on lens type, frames and styling为患者提供有关镜片种类,眼镜边框及样式的建议;
Fitting contact lenses and giving advice on their care and use提供适合患者的隐形眼镜以及为患者提供如何护理及使用的建议;
Taking frame and facial measurements to ensure correct fit andpositioning 测量眼镜边框及面部尺寸,以确保尺寸和位置适合患者;
Contacting patients for eyewear delivery 就有关眼镜产品送货事宜联系患者;
Checking quality of eyewear before dispensing 在为患者分发眼镜用品之前,仔细查看产品质量;
Dispensing eyeglasses and contact lenses 为患者分发眼镜及隐形眼镜
Advising patients on the use of low vision aids 向患者提供如何使用弱视辅助工具的建议;
Adjusting or repairing spectacles when needed 根据需要调整及修理眼镜;
Selecting, managing and ordering a range of optical products挑选,管理及定购视光产品;
Ordering lenses 定购镜片;
Checking lenses on delivery to ensure that they meet the requiredspecifications 在货到时,检查镜片以确保产品达到我们的具体要求;
Undertaking continuous education and training 不断接受相关领域的教育和培训;
Arranging and maintaining shop displays 安排和维护产品的陈列摆设;
Liaising with product suppliers 与供应商保持良好合作关系;
Keeping accurate patient and business records 准确记录患者信息以及眼镜产品销售信息。

Requirements and Qualifications 要求及资格:
A bachelor's degree majored in medicine or optometry 医学或视光学本科学历;
3 years working experience in optical section of hospital3年以上大型医院验光相关领域的工作经验;
Capable of reviewing and interpreting prescriptions, recordingmeasurements and fitting eyewear, dispensing eyewear能够独立完成检查及向患者解释处方,记录测量尺寸以及调整眼镜产品,分发眼镜产品;
Resolving any customer service issues to ensure 100% satisfaction解决有关客户服务的问题以保证客户100%的满意度;
Excellent interpersonal and sales skills 良好的人际关系及销售技能;
Basic Oral English and good communication skills 基本的英文口语及良好沟通能力
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