Site Nurse 现场护士-太原,南昌,哈尔滨

面议 全国 3-5年 大专 全职
Raffles Medical 莱佛士医疗(原国际SOS诊所) 2017-02-22 更新 2017-12-30 截止

Site Nurse 现场护士-太原,南昌,哈尔滨

A. Overall Purpose Of The Job (Brief description of the primary purposeof this position)
To ensure the delivery of high quality and standardized medical care tothe clients in remote locations as per assigned projects.

B. Key Responsibilities (Critical responsibilities and skills of thisposition, listed in order of importance)

·Provide supportive medical services on an emergency basis to the localcommunity, as directed by the client’s medical services representative.
·To provide appropriate routine medical and trauma care to clientpersonnel at the site medical facilities.
·Facility management to ensure the facility at site is clean, neat andtidy
·Ensure that items required for the service delivery is accuratelymonitored and an inventory kept. Provide support to manage clinicactivity, epidemiology, drugs, and stocks.
·To direct the day-to-day activities of the medical facilities as thesite representative for Raffles Medical.
·To prepare the agreed upon reports describing the activities of themedical facilities and to ensure that all necessary reports are providedon any schedule agreed between Raffles Medical and client.
·Any other duties and responsibilities as may be required and agreedbetween Client and the Company to further the Project Safety, Health,Hygiene and Environmental programs.
·Any additional duties deemed necessary for operations

C. Job Profile

Required Skills and Knowledge
·Strong nursing skill
·Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint

Required Competencies
·Able to work independently

·Strong communication skills

Required Work Experience
·At least 3 years’ experience in clinical nursing
·International Exposure is strongly preferred

Required Qualifications
·Bachelor or above degree in Nursing

Required Languages
·Proficient in English, both speaking and writing

Travel / Rotation Requirements
·Frequently in China
  • 护理学

  • 大专

  • 3-5年



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