Family Physical 全科医生

面议 上海浦东新区 3-5年 本科 全职
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Family Physical 全科医生

1、Examine, diagnose, and treat acute and chronic diseases and minorinjuries within the scope of Family Medicine or General Practice inoutpatient settings.
2、Order diagnostic tests when required.
3、Performs minor office procedures such as PAP smear, skin biopsy, orlaceration repair,
Refer patients to appropriate specialties when needed.
4、Serve as a primary care provider and help patients coordinate theircare.
5、Serve on at least one hospital or clinic committee.
6、Works on quality improvement activities within the department orhospital in collaboration with other colleagues and department chair.
7、Support shared departmental goals.
8、Participate in clinic or hospital marketing events.
9、Precept family medicine residents or medical students occasionally.

1、Board Certified/Board Eligible (or equivalent) in Family Medicine orEquivalent
2、Doctor of medicine degree (or equivalent) from an approved school ofmedicine
3、Completion of residency training in Family Medicine (or Equivalent) ata hospital and program acceptable to the Department Chairperson andChief Medical Officer
4、Minimum 3 years experience post-residency in the clinical arenapreferred
5、Fluency in English required.
6、Fluency in Mandarin is preferred but not mandatory.

  • 临床医学,基础医学

  • 本科

  • 3-5年



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