Scientific Support技术支持

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Scientific Support技术支持

Position Summary:
The scientific support scientist will be responsible for pre-sale andpost-sale technical support for Abcam products to improve customersatisfaction and for support of marketing team and distributors toachieve sale targets. Abcam products include primary antibodies,secondary antibodies, ELISA assays, agonists/antagonists,proteins/peptides, cellular and protein functional assays, epigeneticreagents, etc.

Essential Job Functions:
• Address professionally pre-sale inquiries to help customer selectappropriate products and recommend related products.
• Help customers for post-sale troubleshooting of their experimentsinvolving our products.
• Handling product complaints by effective communication with customersand distributors.
• Introduce tech knowledge together with product information tocustomers by customer visits, onsite seminars and demo experiments.
• Provide tech trainings for sales team and distributors so that theycan understand better the features of products and how customers may usethem, in the context of product solutions together with related productsfor specific applications.
• Support marketing team and other groups with professional productknowledge and direct feedbacks from customers.
• Other supporting roles including professional translations ofmarketing materials, product information for import procedures, etc.
• 提供专业的售前咨询,帮助客户选择合适的产品,宜时的推荐相关产品。
• 帮助使用我们产品的客户解决实验细节上的问题。
• 通过与客户、经销商的有效沟通,处理产品投诉。
• 在客户拜访、讲座和演示实验时介绍技术知识,同时推广产品。
• 针对特定应用总结相关产品的解决方案,对销售和经销商进行技术培训,以更好地了解产品特点和使用方式。
• 以专业的产品知识和直面客户的反馈,支持市场部和其他部门。
• 其他支持工作,包括市场材料的翻译、校对,进口文件的产品信息核实等。

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications
• Rigorous academic trainings in protein biology and >=5 years’hands-on experiences in antibody related applications.
• Able to do trouble shooting for customers at levels of PhD or above insome of the following laboratory techniques: IHC, western blot, ChIP,ELISA, IF/ICC, flow cytometry, etc. (at least 3 fields)
• Excellent reading and writing in English with good oral English
• Strong capability for presentation and efficient transfer ofinformation and knowledge to others.
• Ability to learn new techniques and products quickly.
• Skilful communication with customers and colleagues.
• Active and initiative work attitude for making progress relativeindependently.
• Willing to travel as needed.
• 扎实的蛋白组学学术基础,至少5年抗体相关应用的实验经验。
• 以博士或更高技术水平在以下领域(至少3个)为客户提供问题解决方案:IHC,westernblot,ChIP,ELISA,IF/ICC,Flow cytometry 等。
• 优秀的英文读写和流畅的英文口语。
• 良好的演讲技能和高效的讲座制作能力。
• 快速学习新技术和新产品。
• 通畅地与客户和同事进行交流。
• 积极、主动的工作态度,自发地提升工作能力。
• 愿意出差。

Education Qualifications:
• Minimal master degree in life sciences required. PhD or PostdocPreferred. Education abroad a plus.
• 生命科学硕士学历及以上,倾向博士或博士后,海外背景更佳。
  • 生物学

  • 硕士

  • 3-5年



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