Clinical Application Analyst

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Clinical Application Analyst

Jiahui Health is a multi-site, vertically integrated healthcareecosystem that provides a tertiary level care hospital of 500 licensedbeds and a number of outpatient clinics conveniently located throughoutthe Shanghai municipal areas.

We have established a multi-year partnership with Partners HealthCareInternational (PHI) and is collaborating with Harvard Medical Schoolaffiliated teaching hospital - Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).
我们与美国联盟医疗体系 (PHI)和哈佛医学院教学附属医院麻省总医院(MGH)已有多年的合作伙伴关系。

From design to operation, JIH aims to employ the best practices tobecome an internationally recognized leading medical institution inChina, providing high-quality, patient-centered, integrated healthcareservices, as well as professional training and clinical research.

To build an IT department for the mission, we are actively looking forthe following talents:

- Healthcare Solution Specialist: advise hospital users (doctors,nurses, clinical technicians, administrators) how best to utilizeapplication software to do their job effectively and efficiently, mustbe keen on using computer software applications. Previous experience inHospital Information System and hospital process is advantages.

- Project Manager: IT software implementation project management,previously a programmer or a system analyst will be advantages but not arequirement.
- 项目经理:IT软件实施项目经理,无需有程序员或系统分析员工作经验,但具备该等条件者会被优先考虑。

- System Analyst: IT application system design, solid experience inwriting business requirement specification, IT system specification andsoftware design, must be previously a programmer.
- 系统分析员:IT应用系统设计,需要具备创写业务需求规格书、IT系统规格书和软件设计的丰富经验,必须曾经是个程序员。

- Program/Report/BI developer: using BI tools, report generator andcoding language to provide solutions.
- 程序/报告/BI开发员:使用BI工具,报告生成器和编码语言来提供解决方案。

- Database Analyst: application system database design, experienced inusing Entity Relationship Diagram or equivalent to design data layout,table layout and data/table structure.
- 数据库分析员:应用系统数据库设计,具有使用Entity RelationshipDiagram或相同工具以设计数据布局、表格布局和数据/表格结构的相关工作经验。

General requirement of the applicant 求职者基本要求:
- Strong analytical skill and innovative 出色的分析和创新能力
- Self-starter and wish to learn 积极主动,乐于学习
- Good in system and/or process design 擅长系统和/或流程设计
- Proficiency in English will be advantages 具备流畅英语沟通能力者优先

Jiahui wants to attract those people who are not just seekingemployment, but who wish to help build this culture-changing,internationally-recognized health care ecosystem. We provide exceptionalcompensation for exceptional people.

Participate in the development and support of Hospital InformationSystem with the focus of clinical functionality such as order entry andresult integration, clinical documentation template design for variousclinical discipline.

• Work with end user departments to collect requirement
• Provide requirement to software designer/developer and act as liaisonbetween clinical operation and software developer
• Understand the application software thoroughly in order to configurethe software when needed
• Work with end user department to develop testing plan. Participate insoftware testing.
• Assist end user department or training department to develop trainingplan
• Perform trouble shooting tasks when user report issues and resolveproblem when possible. Work with software provider to resolve complexissues when necessary.
• Provide go live support when necessary
• Review any system upgrade plan with department and hospital operationsto ensure system is up to date. Plan upgrade activities acrossfunctions to ensure system integration is intact with all new softwarereleases.

• Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university, major in healthscience, or computer science or medical informatics preferred.
• Working experience in hospital/clinic is advantages
• Clinical background is a plus
• Software system implementation experience is a real plus
• Must be keen in using software, including MS Office Suite.
• Ability to work independently, attend to detail and communicate withpeople effectively
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Project or Mac OmniPlan would be helpful.
• Must be able to read, write and understand both Chinese and English.

• Requires decision-making.
• Requires critical thinking and essential analytical skill
• Perform job duties in a safe and efficient manner.

• Proficient in computer programs utilized which include but not limitedto Windows, MS Office.


• Bachelor’s Degree.
• Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in software development or support role
  • 基础医学其他学科,其他计算机及电子通信

  • 本科

  • 经验不限



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