Senior Scientist in Protein Research

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Senior Scientist in Protein Research


1.Lead and manage research programs on recombinant proteins usingprokaryotic or eukaryotic expression systems, including proteinexpression, purification
2.Design or improve procedures/protocols for protein production.
3.Set-up QC methods/platforms for recombinant proteins.
4.Lead and train an R&D team, direct and oversee experimentaldesigns and results of technical staffs.
5.Summarize and report the research progress weekly/monthly to thedirector.
6.Identify potential business opportunities, propose innovative ideas,and prepare product development proposals specialized in proteinproducts line.


1.Ph.D. in the field of structural biology, cell biology, biologicalengineering, protein chemistry or protein science related fields withminimal 1 year of industrial experience on protein production or 2 yearsof postdoctoral research on protein expression, purification,characterization or refolding. Experience in cell culture, transfection,or stable cell line is a plus.
2.In-depth experience in the field of protein design, expression,purification, refolding and characterization, with a strongresearch/publication record.
3.Experience in gene manipulation for expression of functional proteinsin both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
4.Excellent communication and organizational skills as well as theability to work in a strong team environment.
5.Fluently English communication both in oral and writing.
6.Responsible, optimistic, enthusiastic, have passion to the work and life.
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