Head of RabMab development plat form兔单抗开发平台负责人

面议 浙江杭州市 3-5年 博士 全职
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Head of RabMab development plat form兔单抗开发平台负责人

Position Summary
The Head of RabMAb development plat form will be responsible for Abcam(Hangzhou) rabbit monoclonal antibody development platform of R&Dstage (before production). Will be in charge of 5 teams, total 41employees,:
recombinant protein team (9 employees) ,
immunization team (2 employees),
Fusion and Hybidoma team (14 employees) ,
Elisa screening team (7 employees)
recombinant antibody development team (9 employees)
To ensure the stable operation of platform, supporting all the NewRabMAb development pipelines, such as Reagent, kit and IVD. Ensure thedelivery of each team can meet the requirements of targets/goals

Essential Job Functions:
People Management:
• Lead and manage the Abcam (Hangzhou) RabMab development plat form(currently 5 teams & 41 employees)
• Ensure staffing levels are adequate to support operational demands andbusiness objectives
• Enhance the professional development of the plat form, for example,through ongoing training and via annual and quarterly performancereviews
• Coach, train and mentor direct reports and provide career advancementopportunities through training and development activities
• Ensure policies and procedures are communicated to all plat form staffeither directly or via supervisors
• Resolve critical or escalated issues affecting staff using effectivecommunication & negotiation skills
• Address employee performance problems promptly and in accordance withAbcam policies and procedure

Process Management:
• Plan and establish work schedule and assignments based on new antibodydevelopment plan. Organize, monitor and control the platform accordingto the planned schedule and planned cost. Ensure the quantity andquality of each teams’ work can meet the requirements of targets/goals.

• Ensure ABCAM (HANGZHOU) RabMAb plat form Key Performance Indicatorsare met. These are set annually and documented in the department KPIs.They include complete on time and keep success rate at a proper level.

• Trouble shooting: Can recognize and find problems timely, givecomments and organize proper resource to solve the problem,

• Continuously identify opportunities to improve efficiency andencourage supervisors & ultimately all team members to do the same.Drive improvements in consultation with related teams ensuring that bestpractice is shared

• Prepare and analyze ABCAM (HANGZHOU) expense & headcount budgetswith head of Hangzhou PDM. Ensure that our requirements for Labor plusequipment meet the growing needs of the business

• Report to Head of Hangzhou PDM regularly and attend all kind ofrelated meetings. Work closely with managers in Cambridge or otheroffices. Regularly update progress in dashboard and biweekly meeting.Give quick feedback on issues affecting the platform. This will involveweekly telephone meetings with UK.

Summary of Job Requirements:
Education, Training & Qualifications:
• PhD degree in life sciences required. Post Doc Preferred.
• Education abroad a plus.

Experience – Work, Research, voluntary,other
• 3+ years line management experience (Essential)
• A broad range of biotech experience and understanding on cell culture,molecular biology ,immunology (Essential)
• Experiences of laboratory management in biology company/institute(Essential)
• Experience of monoclonal antibody development or high throughputscreening (Desirable)
• Experience of working in a team-orientated environment (Essential)

Specific Skills & Abilities
• Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills,
• Ability to effectively present information and good analytical skills
• Display solid organization and time management skills
• Proven problem-solving skills and track record of driving change
• Proficient with MS Office, esp. Excel

Personal traits
• With good oral and written English communication skills
• Proactive and continuously seeking to improve performance
• Adaptable, motivated and enthusiastic
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  • 3-5年



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