Recombinant Protein Development Researcher

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Recombinant Protein Development Researcher

Position Summary:
The Recombinant Protein Development Researcher develops and executes theexpression and purification of recombinant protein based on their ownproperties. The applicants should have strong background in proteinexpression and purification with Yeast, Insect and Mammalian systems.Responsibilities of the position include expression of proteins inmammalian and bacterial systems and purification of these proteins.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
To design immunogen based on database and target info.
To study on target info based on published papers, datasheet ofcommercial available bioactive protein and Swiss-prot, etc.
To express required proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell systems
To develop protein purification protocol based on protein’s properties.
To develop methods for determination of protein quality andcharacterize proteins
To Train and guide staff to conduct cell culture and protein functionalassays as required.
Perform additional duties and/or other projects as required orassigned.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications
• Excellent reading and writing in English with good oral English
• Biological sciences with 5 years academic, biotech or pharmaceuticalindustry experience required
• Hands-on involvement and problem solving ability required
• Ability to rigorous logical thinking.
• Active and initiative work attitude for making progress relativeindependently
• Must be a highly responsible individual able to execute multipleefforts with high fidelity
• Ability to effectively manage and interpret data required
• Must be highly attentive to detail and well organized
• Skillful communication with colleagues and teamwork guidance
• Strong written and verbal communication skills necessary
• Positive attitude, solid work ethic and self-motivated individualdesired
• Strong willingness to contribute to bio-industry and help scientistsdiscover more

Education Qualifications:
• Minimal Bachelor degree in life sciences required. M.S or Ph.D.Preferred. Education abroad a plus.
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  • 本科

  • 3-5年



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