Senior scientist(Gene department)

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Senior scientist(Gene department)

Job Description:
The position is responsible for communication with inner and outsidecustomers such as production team troubleshooting, technical accountmanager price and timeline setup for service and products, sales andmarketing for production promotion and new service introduction.

1. Tracking the process of gene synthetic service, and providingtraining for staffs of departmental;
2. Helping process of quotation, and communicating with TechnicalAccount Manager and production teams;
3. Following the ongoing of projects, communicating with and collectingfeedback from the customers;
4. Writing and modifying reports for important clients or VIP customers;
5. Analyzing and solving regular problems with current work.

1. At Ph.D. degree in biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology,microbiological engineering, gene engineering, fermentation engineeringand other bio-related fields.
2. Be familiar with the design and construction of gene pool or proteindatabase.
3. Excellent communication skills with multiple sides and the abilityof getting consensus.
4. Excellent English reading and writing skills and good verbal Englishcommunication skills are preferred
5. Computer literate, proficient in Microsoft Offices
6. Self-managing and self-motivating individual who can prioritizetasks effectively and meet customer expectations and deadlines
7. Proactive problem solver and team players
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