Patient Services & Relations Manager/客户服务经理

面议 山东青岛市 3-5年 硕士 全职
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Patient Services & Relations Manager/客户服务经理

Summary of Responsibilities:

Responsible for short and long term planning and day-to-day operationsof the Patient Services & Relations. Focus on strategizingimproving patient loyalty and patient experience in the context ofdiversified culture QD Market wide.


• Leadership: Develops and implements strategic plans, unit/departmentgoals and objectives, business initiatives, and supporting financialplans and budgets; complies with all policies/procedures, codes ofpractice and organization work standards; assumes responsibility fordecisions made; communicates effectively with all in and outside theorganization to ensure prompt and proper information exchanges and issueresolution related to the patient experience
• Process improvement: Collaborates with leaders/managers at all levelsto charter project teams in support of initiatives. Creates andimplements strategies for change management. Develops communication andchange management strategies for implementation of program changes.Develops content for and delivers education and training tailored tovarious audiences at all levels across BJU. Collaborates with others todevelop and implement or change processes and programs that connectpatient satisfaction and patient experience
• Create a culture of passion and commitment for exemplary patientexperience.
• Analyzes patient satisfaction scores and related data; identifiestrends and areas of opportunity for improvement; recommends changeinitiatives to impact those areas
• Is a coach and role model for staff and colleagues creating a workenvironment that fosters respect, positive morale and engagement;identifies/initiates opportunities to positively impact staff engagementand development; delegates appropriately providing adequate directionand follow-up; demonstrates strategic and critical thinking; makesoptimal use of resources; creates a safe work environment; allocates andprioritizes work monitoring performance standards for continuousperformance improvement among the PS department.

Other Individual Duties Performed

• Participate in Committees as requested
• Perform Special Projects and other responsibilities as assigned by thehospital management
• Keep the executive team posted of key service excellence.
• Priorities and issues, and to ensure service and operationalexcellence efforts are on track.
• Ensures best practices resulting from analysis and research areincorporated into leadership and patient rounds.

• Masters degree and/or equivalent combination of education andexperience preferred
• Bachelor’s (University) degree or comparable education showingcapability of analytical thinking
• Minimum 3 years managerial experience
• Service oriented education
• English/Chinese language ability
• 5-8 years related working experience in a service oriented industry(preferably healthcare)
• If no previous hospital or patient services experience then experiencein providing service in another field is required
• Working knowledge of HCAHPS and other patient experiencesurveys/metrics highly preferred
  • 公共管理学

  • 硕士

  • 3-5年



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