Clinical Value Specialist 临床信息专员

面议 内蒙古 3-5年 本科 全职
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Clinical Value Specialist 临床信息专员

Job Summary职位概述:
You will be responsible for achieving sales target, marketing andproduct management of 4 product group(Cardiac/CriticalCare/Oncology/Women’s Health)

Main Tasks & Responsibilities主要工作职责 :
1. Achieve sales target of 4 product groups in respective region, so asto help achieving target for China 完成所属产品销售指标,协助完成公司目标.
2. Manage distributors in respective region and work with them onachieving sales target 管理并协同经销商进行临床推广工作.
3. Regularly monitor sales performance and ensure sales are on track常规监控销售状况, 确保健康销售
4. Develop and implement marketing plan for the responsible productgroup 制定并实施区域市场计划
5. Organize seminars/workshop to promote clinical awareness of 4 productgroups 组织不同层面的产品推广会
6. Responsible for key hospital product entering 负责重点医院进院工作
7. Develop key opinion leaders to support clinical promotionalactivities 发展并维护学术带头人
8. Collect and analyze competitors information 收集, 分析竞争产品信息
9. Conduct product training for distributors 产品培训

Education & Qualifications教育背景与专业资格:
1. You should hold Bachelor Degree in Clinical Medicine or Life Science.临床医学或生命科学学士学位
2. Proficiency in both spoken and written English 熟练掌握英语口语及书面表达
3. Good command of MS office software application 熟练应用微软办公软件
4. Product & marketing expertise 产品和市场推广的专业知识

You should have at least 3 years’ experience in Sales and/or similarmarketing experience in multi-national company, preferably in gynecology& obstetrics area devises and drugs.
3年以上外资公司工作经验, 妇产科相关领域设备或药物经历优先
  • 本科

  • 3-5年



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