Service Engineer 维修工程师(制冷方向) (北京)

5,000-5,999 北京西城区 1-2年 大专 全职
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Service Engineer 维修工程师(制冷方向) (北京)

Job Description

1. Responsible for bio-tech product(cell culture and fermentationinstallation, modification and enhancement in accordance with customerspecification.
2. To provide quality technical support to ensure that customers andsalesmen receive accurate advice on product use, guidance on productselection, and resolution of technical complaints.
3. Troubleshoot among a wide range of technical problems and issues,determine technical solution and repair with the quickest speed.
4. Handles product-related problems with customers as required, maytest products to resolve customer problems. Be responsible for basicoperation training on client premises.

Qualification Requirements

1. College degree major in: Science or Engineering. At least 2 yearsworking experience. Experience in bioprocess/fementation will be a plus.
2. High energy, team player and interpersonal, communication andcoordinating skills are essential, Proven system analytical problemsolving skills.
3. Open and direct to recommend good idea to management on continuousupgrade and improvement of Service Organization. Process goodcommunication skill both in Chinese and English.
4. Able and willing to learn new technology and new skill.
  • 大专

  • 1-2年



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