CEO Of Qingdao(院长)

面议 山东青岛市 6-10年 本科 全职
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CEO Of Qingdao(院长)

院长Summary of Responsibilities:
The CEO will provide corporate leadership to the hospital and will beresponsible for safe, effective and efficient delivery of theoperational and performance management of all clinical and non-clinicalservices at the hospital.

The CEO will ensure service delivery meets the core objectives set outby the IHG Head Office Team and the JV contract. He/She will also ensurethat the hospital is responsive to the requirements of service users andother key stakeholders within the boundaries of the contract.

The CEO will contribute to the achievement of the hospital’s objectivesand continuously seek to improve the hospitals performance and willensure financial probity and best practice and ensure compliance withinternational best practice as well as any China regulations.

The CEO will initially be responsible for leading and implementing thelocal commissioning process and will ensure that the services areclinically safe and robust, delivering effective care. Subsequentservice improvement initiatives are also an integral of the contract.

The CEO will be the Accountable Officer and will chair The HospitalExecutive Board and assume corporate responsibility with other Executivecolleagues. The CEO is expected to develop key working relationshipswith the IHG Head Office Team, Hospital Executive Board, C-SuiteOfficers, Department Managers, as well as senior members of the localstaff. Local relationships with community leaders are paramount.
Supervision Received: Group COO
Supervision Exercised: All hospital staff
Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:
A highly visible role, passionate about improving the patientexperience, relentlessly focused on operational excellence, and drivento deliver P&L results. Be at the forefront of operationalexcellence and have a central focus of transforming the end to endoperations of the hospital system as it relates to the unique Chinaenvironment. An inspiring leader with excellent communication skills,effective in building relationships with all stakeholders andsubordinates, and motivating others towards the strategic goals.
• Bachelor’s degree in health care administration or related field, withMasters preferred
• Knowledgeable of national, provincial, and city laws and requirementsrelating to healthcare management in China a benefit
• Clinical knowledge / education a benefit
• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in China health care management withprogressively more responsible managerial experience, with at least 7years of high-level administration in a high-end healthcareorganization, necessary in order to gain an in-depth understanding ofthe administrative aspects of the healthcare field and to be able toeffectively direct the operations of the hospital
• 3 years’ experience of direct P&L responsibility for a privatehospital
• Demonstrable experience in leading a healthcare facility in anenvironment such as China, where the default operating environment andexpectations of the patient differs from the international norm.
• A change agent and capable of guiding the organization in initiatingvarious change management initiatives with the view of leading andguiding the organization towards the future.
• Three years’ experience in implementation or support of internationalquality systems in private hospitals, preferably in an Asian environment
• Strong managerial acumen in setting corporate directions and aligningstrategic goals around business plans.
• Experience in managing risk / complaint cases in a high-end privatehospital
• Superior judgment, negotiation and decision-making skills.
• Strong ethics and a high level of personal and professional integrity.
• Strong analytical skills and adept in interpreting strategic visioninto an operational model.
• An effective communicator at all levels in the organization, withstrong oral, written and persuasive skills.
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  • 本科

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