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As many as 80% of employers use keywords to decide which resumes are worth a look.

As many as 80% of employers use keywords to decide which resumes are worth a look. Using the right resume keywords can get you noticed and earn you an interview. Here's how:

80%以上的雇主都会根据 简历 中的关键词来决定该份 简历 是否值得一看。正确把握 简历 中的关键词可以使你得到关注,为你赢得 面试 机会。原因如下:

What  Are Keywords?


Keywords are used in job descriptions to describe critical job qualifications. They can be degrees, programming languages or other specialized skills. Essential keywords are usually positioned higher up in a job description, appear most frequently, and are listed as required rather than preferred skills.


How Keywords Can Get You a Job


To illustrate how keywords can get you the job, let's meet Sarah, a recruiter who works with several Fortune 500 companies. Her highest priority is to find an Executive Assistant for one of her best clients in San Francisco.


Sarah's first step is to turn to her internal ATS -- Applicant Tracking System. Like most recruiters, Sarah uses an ATS to search her recruiting company's resume database. In Sarah's case, this database holds 700,000+ resumes.


The best way for Sarah to target the top candidates for this position is to search the database by keywords. So she enters the "must haves": Executive Assistant, San Francisco, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Travel Arrangements.


Sarah's search yields 60 resumes with 90% match or better. She gives the first few resumes the 10-second scan, looking for more detailed qualifications. Sarah decides to call four candidates for a phone interview. Two pass the phone screen and are invited for an in-person interview. One lands the job.

她搜寻到了60份大致符合要求的简历,有的甚至超出期望。莎拉利用10秒钟的时间浏览了几份最优秀的简历,根据更加精确的职位资质进一步缩小了候选人的范围。最终她决定给四个候选人打电话。在电话 面试 中,筛选了两个,然后亲自对剩下的两个进行了 面试 ,最后给这份工作找到了一个合适的人。

If you were applying for this job and your resume didn't have the right keywords -- even if you had all the necessary qualifications -- you wouldn't have had a chance.

在 求职 中,使你具备了所有的必备资历,只要你的简历中没有任何的关键词,那么你甚至连面试的机会都没有。

How to Use Keywords Effectively


Step 1: Create your keyword list.


Look at the job descriptions for the positions you're seeking and note the "must haves." From this list, identify the qualifications that you possess. Choose at least eight skills that you have and that are most sought after by employers.


Step 2: Add a summary of skills to your resume.


Add the keywords from your list to a "Summary of Skills" section at the top of your resume.


Here's an example for an Executive Assistant:


Summary of Skills技能总结

Advanced Microsoft Office Skills including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Power Point.

精通以下办公软件:Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint.

3+ years experience as an executive assistant for Fortune 500 executive.


Extensive experience in making travel arrangements, expense reporting and scheduling.


Step 3: Weave keywords throughout your resume.


Also work the top keywords into the body of your resume, where relevant. For example, degree requirements would appear in your education section. Don't worry about repeating the same keywords more than once. In fact, keyword frequency counts in many ATS's, so this can work in your favor.


When possible, use different forms of the same keyword to account for different search terms, including abbreviations and synonyms. So, if you reference your MBA also include the phrase Master of Business Administration.

可能的话,尽量使用不同的词来表达同一个意思,比如多使用缩写,同义词替换,这样可以扩大你的符合条件。所以,如果你提及MBA的话,也可以用短语“Master of Business Administration”(工商管理硕士)来表达。

Adding the right keywords will get you over the first hurdle of the job search and help you land the job that you want.

使用合适的关键词,可以帮助你顺利的迈过 找工作 的第一道门槛,并且能帮你得到你想要的工作。


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