Dermatologist 皮肤科医生-Beijing-00093

面议 北京 3-5年 本科 全职
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Dermatologist 皮肤科医生-Beijing-00093

Department Overview

United Family Hospitals & Clinics is a pioneering, internationalstandard healthcare organization in China, our sole mission is toprovide comprehensive, integrated healthcare services in a uniquely warmand caring patient and family service-oriented environment.

Job Description


1. Primary Duties
2. Clinical Duties as dermatologist including:
3. Conducting out patient dermatologic service – diagnosis &treatment
4. Inpatient care in case of severe dermatologic conditions
5. Consultation of dermatology related disorders
6. Patient education
7. Organization of dermatology subspecialty consultants
8. Work closely with local consultant staff in area of dermatology
9. Identify local medical staff needed for subspecialty dermatologyconsultation
10. Monitor quality of care
11. Other Duties Performed --As discussed


1. Medical Degree from accredited medical university
2. Completed residency in dermatology
3. At least 5 years working experience in clinical dermatology
4. Medical practice License in P.R.China
5. Clinical skill in dermatologic diagnosis and treatment
6. Excellent in communication
7. Fluent in English and Chinese
8. General dermatology
9. Dermatopathology
10. Cosmetic dermatology
  • 皮肤病学

  • 本科

  • 3-5年


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