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Pediatric Dentist-上海-00372

职位概述: Treatment of pediatric dental/oral diseases
职责: 1.Performing clinical duties as a pediatric dentist (i.e.comprehensive examination, x-rays, restoratives, root canal treatment,extraction, crown and bridge, scaling, teeth whitening etc.)
2.Maintaining a steady flow of patients by overseeing day-to-daybookings and by monitoring patient recalls
3.Training and managing staff to maintain a high standard of dental carein a warm and friendly environment
4.Dealing with any patient complaints that may arise as a result ofdental treatment, miscommunication, billings, etc.

任职条件: 1.Excellent knowledge of the English language.
2.Ability to train dental assistants.
3.International work experience.
4.Ability to overcome cultural barriers.
5.Excellent patient rapport.
6.Minimum Education Requirement-DDS, DMD or equivalent degree. 7.Minimumof 2 years of clinical experience.
7.Certificate or Licensing Needed –DDS / DMD or Chinese Licenseequivalence and China License from Beijing China.
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