Immigration Health Check-up Physician移民体检医师-北京-00379

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Immigration Health Check-up Physician移民体检医师-北京-00379

Job Responsibilities:
*Responsible for delivering and practicing the Visa Health Screening andmedical report as the Foreign Embassy’s appointed Panel Doctor, underthe Embassy’s supervision to the customers;Referring the complicatedcases to specialists if necessary.
*Answering and solving the applicant’s question and medical problem,*Communicating with the Embassies, nurses, radiologists, receptionistsand other panel doctors on clinical practice.
*Practicing clinical and regulatory requirements;
*Interfacing with the relevant Embassies for regulations and policiesupdate and communications;
*Delivering and performing the UFH standard clinical service to thecustomers;
*Providing accurate and efficient check-up and medical reports to theEmbassy;
*Making suggestions to administrator and adjustments at the clinic;
*Guiding nursing staff in the provision of nursing care consistent withNursing *Standards of Care/Practice, the Plan for Provision of NursingCare, and The Plan for Provision of Patient Care, the PerformanceImprovement Plan, the Patient .
*Performing duties to provide the highest level of patient care andmaximize patient satisfaction.
*Medical Bachelor’s (University) Degree
*At least Five years of clinical and hospital experience as InternalMedicine doctor clinical practiced. Experience in JV Hospital/Clinic, orhigh level Health Check-up center is a plus.
*Oral, Listening, Reading and Written English is a must
*Positive attitude towards sales activities like: business traveling,cross training, introducing UFH services to customers, accuratefollow-up to each customer.
*Team player and also able to work independently in setting up andcompleting tasks.
*Demonstrates proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint
*Demonstrates good organizational skills and effective communication skills.
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  • 6-10年


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