Full Time Clinical Psychologist 全职心理咨询师-Beijing-00064

面议 北京 1-2年 学历不限 全职
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Full Time Clinical Psychologist 全职心理咨询师-Beijing-00064

1. Insuring patient confidentiality
2. Providing the same level of service regardless of patient background.
3. Keeping adequate and timely progress notes and client records.
4. Working with other medical staff to insure continuity of care
5. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of psychotherapy methods andpractices.
1. Ph.D. or MSW from an accredited institution.
2. Internship at an accredited placement.
3. Licensure in state, province, or country of origin.
4. At least two years of experience doing psychotherapy as a licensedpractitioner
5. Previous training, workshops or experience providing counseling in across-cultural setting.
6. Skill in providing psychotherapy, keeping accurate notes, and doingadequate follow-up.
7. Skill in exercising initiative, judgment, problem solving,decision-making.
8. Skill in psychological evaluation (if Ph.D.)
9. Skill in working with cross-cultural therapeutic issues.
10. Ability to work effectively with patients, medical andadministrative staff, and the public
11. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally
12. Dedicated to providing the same services to all patients regardlessof race, ethnicity, or religious status.
13. Level headed, even-tempered and reliable
14. Flexible and friendly
15. Counseling families, adults, children, and groups
16. Psychotherapy note-taking and record-keeping.
17. Confidentiality and Crisis management
18. Psychological Evaluation (where appropriate).
Provides counseling, coordinates mental health cases, does evaluationsif so qualified. Keeps accurate counseling records.
United Family Hospitals & Clinics is a pioneering, internationalstandard healthcare organization in China, our sole mission is toprovide comprehensive, integrated healthcare services in a uniquely warmand caring patient and family service-oriented environment.
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  • 1-2年






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