UFH Emergency Medicine Training Program 和睦家急诊医生培训项目-Shanghai-00909

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UFH Emergency Medicine Training Program 和睦家急诊医生培训项目-Shanghai-00909

Direct patient care, learning skills and increasing knowledge so thatthey may become a full functioning Emergency Medicine physician.
 Constant assessment and re-assessment of the current evidenceregarding clinical problems, attending didactic lectures arranged by theprogram leadership, presenting at those and other didactic sessions,and, once a suitable level of seniority is achieved, act as preceptorsfor less experienced junior physicians.
 Perform any other duties as may be requested by the Program directorof UFH EMTP or designee.
• Secondary:
 Administrative and research duties as required by the curriculum, aswell as additional duties assigned by the training program faculty withthe goal of increasing the fellow’s fund of knowledge and clinicalcapacity.
Licensing Requirements:
• Candidates must have valid Chinese physician license in the Chinesehealth system at the time of hiring. (必须要有中国职业执照)
Physical requirements:
• Able to perform duties of a physician independently in a timelymanner.
• Language abilities: Should have strong Mandarin Chinese and Englishskills.
• Leadership skills: Should have or be prepared to develop a strongleadership presence, a necessity for the successful Emergency Medicinephysician.
General requirement:
• Good decision-making and customer service skills
• Amiable and works well under pressure
• Excellent oral and written communication skills are required
• Familiarity with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within aparticular field.
• Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
• Performs a variety of tasks.
• A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.
• Able to pass MAM credentialing process of respective service area.
Emergency physicians often treat patients who have life-threateningconditions. The primary job functions are to resuscitate or stabilizepatients and then either treat or refer them to the appropriate medicaldepartments. Emergency physicians often work as part of a team, withphysicians of other specialties and other members of the emergency roomstaff. Emergency physicians must evaluate a wide variety of ailments,sometimes with little to no information. They must be able to think andact quickly to make a tentative diagnosis and determine the appropriatecourse of treatment.
• EMTP (Emergency Medicine Training Program) fellows are responsible for: examining, treating and educating patients while under supervision byour senior staff.
 Initial assessment and examination of patients (many of whom speakEnglish but not Chinese),
 Writing patient charts (in English at all times), monitoring patients,interpreting blood tests, and performing medical procedures withsupervision.
 They will also attend weekly teaching sessions (four hours per week,in English) and present lectures at those sessions.
 Fellows also help develop and implement training programs for otherfellows and students.
 They are required to regularly sit exams and quizzes, and to rotatethrough many different departments in the UFH network and outside.
• Salary will progress with passing of each tier. An estimated time isone year for each tier but exact timing will depend on the previousexperience level and progress of individual physicians.
• Advanced tier physicians will be expected to assist with lessexperienced junior physicians and interns.

职位: 急诊医生三年制培训项目

Learning and development
During Training
• Participate in a curriculum written by experienced emergency medicinefaculty with previous experience in emergency medicine residencyprograms in the United States
• Be mentored by an international team of emergency medicine physicianswho have trained in and practice emergency medicine in China and allover the world
• Be taught by an international team of specialists who have trained inand practice in China and all over the world with other emergencymedicine s
• Take regular assessments similar to examinations offered in the UnitedStates to emergency medicine residents
Upon Successful Completion
• Will be able to work in an English speaking international healthcareenvironment comfortably
• Help train other emergency medicine physicians for UFH and China
• Be eligible for full employment at one of UFH’s markets. UFHphysicians have competitive compensation and benefits
• Eligible for continuing career development opportunities in one ofChina’s fastest growing private healthcare organizations
• During the senior years, possible international experience in awestern styled adult emergency room, pediatric emergency room and levelI trauma center.
If you are interested in this position please fill out this onlineapplication first. Below the link https://www.wenjuan.com/s/7bMVB3M/

More information please click on this linkhttp://ufh.com.cn/CDEME/ufh-emergency-medicine-training-program/
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