General Surgeon 外科医生-北京-00955

面议 北京 3-5年 本科 全职
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General Surgeon 外科医生-北京-00955

1. Provide surgery service in main hospital and all the satelliteclinics.
2. Perform daily patient rounds, either individually, or as part of theteam. Review subjective and objective findings including labs,diagnostic testing, vital signs, wound status, and drains and providedata to senior consultant surgeons when necessary.
3. Provides patient education related to procedures, medications,therapeutic goals, etc. Arranges for consults and patient transfers asneeded.
4. Collaborates with senior consultants in the establishment ofdiagnoses and treatments of therapies and discharge needs both in theinpatient and outpatient setting.
5. Discontinue drains, dressings changes, wound assessments, staple andsuture removal, cast and splint applications and removal as indicated.
6. Writes daily progress notes on all inpatients. Writes progress notesfor each patient seen in clinic.
7. Assesses patient’s progress through extended hospital course,utilizes available resources, and intervenes as necessary to ensure thatoptimal patient outcomes are achieved.
8. Resource for nursing staff regarding patient care issues.
9. Staff outpatient surgical clinic
10. Share call with surgical colleagues to insure SHU has 24 hoursurgical coverage
11. Perform independent surgery on privileged cases in consultation withthe CMO
12. Assists senior consultants on surgical cases
13. Works on quality improvement activities within the department incollaboration with other surgical team and CMO
14. Will agree to serve on one hospital/clinic committee
15. Will work closely with the Administrative Leader/Chairperson of theDepartment in supporting departmental goals
16. May be granted additional responsibilities based on consultationwith Department Leader/Chairperson and/or Medical Director/CMO.
1. MD or equivalent
2. Board certification or equivalent in general surgery
3. Completed degree from and accredited Chinese or international medicaluniversity
4. Completed full training in general surgery in and accredited trainingprogram either in China or abroad
5. At lease 3-5 years clinical surgical experience
6. English required. Chinese preferred
7. Ability to interpret history, exam findings, labs and test results tosynthesize an operative or non-operative management plan according tointernational standards.
Provide surgery service in main hospital and all the satellite clinics.Performs privileged surgical procedures. Performs various duties toassist senior consulting surgeons during surgery: retracts tissues andties suturing materials, starts intravenous solutions, inserts tubes,etc. Also examines patient, performs comprehensive physicalexaminations, and compiles patient medical data, including healthhistory and results of physical examination. Provides postoperative carein collaboration with senior surgeon.
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