Clinic Coordinators & Cashier 门诊协调员和出纳-青岛-00976

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Clinic Coordinators & Cashier 门诊协调员和出纳-青岛-00976

• Greet patients and check patients in; update patient’s information onTrakcare
• Handle incoming calls; take messages and route messages to appropriateparty.
• Set and maintain physician/clinic appointments.
• Manage daily clinic activities through HIS.
• Prepare medical files and insurance claim forms for direct billing.
• Check and ensure the accuracy of the patient registration details& document completion.
• Maintain sufficient doctors’ name cards available in the clinic.
• Assist physicians and nurses on patient communication, and helpfilling the medical record
• Participate QI data collection for the department level and hospitallevel
• Follow hospital policy and procedures
• Order and maintain all the clinical forms available for department
• Record and track on outpatient clinic activities.
• Ensure that the waiting area is tidy and clean
• Able to accomplish the assigned work independently
• Have a good communication skills between nurse and physician
• Show positive good working attitude and willingness to take onchallenges at work
• Perform any other duties as assigned.
• Enter into Track and prepare bills to be paid by hospital.
• Collect payment from and issue receipts to patients
• Other assignments by supervisor/manager
 High school graduate. College or university graduate preferred.
 Working experience in health organization is desirable
• Ability to handle multiple tasks and able to work under pressure andin a fast pace working environment.
• Excellent oral and written English and Chinese.
• Good office computer software skills
• Proficient in managing HIS booking system
• Demonstrate professional telephone etiquette
• Good customer service skill
• Caring in nature, organized and service-oriented
• A team player
 Familiar with department scope of services, department physicians’qualifications
 Familiar with hospital policies and procedures
 Familiar with HIS system
 Preferred to have basic medical knowledge
 Basic knowledge of cashiering
Coordinate patient appointment schedule with physicians, nurses andother departments as needed. Provide standard customer services topatient. Assist with clerical work for the department. Provide on sitetraining for new hires. Collect payment from and issue receipts topatients
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