Clinical Specialist 临床应用专员-北京

面议 北京 3-5年 本科 全职
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Clinical Specialist 临床应用专员-北京

Clinical Specialist is the end user representative in engineeringorganization. The main purpose of this role is to test products underdevelopment in clinical environment. The Clinical Specialist acts as“voice of the customer” in requirements definition, verification andvalidation and system integration phases. The Clinical Specialistprovides also knowledge and training on clinical issues.
Duties include (but are not limited to):
• TESTING IN HOSPITALS. Plan and execute hospital tests in co-operationwith the engineering projects. The tests are performed either inhospitals or by simulating the environment in the laboratory. Alsomaintains good contacts with the test hospitals hospital personnel andtest subjects (outside of company).
• PRODUCT DEFINITION Participates in definition of the product, userrequirements, product´s risk assessment, and the specifications duringthe engineering process.
• PRODUCT INTEGRATION represents an end-user of the products within theengineering process. Knows the use of products including the surroundingenvironment and the customer needs. By participating in the integrationprocess helps the programs to identify clinically relevant issues forsuccessful program integration within the scheduled time.•
• CLINICAL CONSULTING introduces the company’s personnel to clinicalissues. Arranges training in hospital for company’s personnel.Participates in and contribute to training activities inside thecompany. Provides information to various clinical issues, labeling andeducation material. Evaluates the test feedback and participates in toits classification.

Quality Specific Goals:
1. Aware of and comply with the GEHC Quality Manual, Quality ManagementSystem, Quality Management Policy, Quality Goals, and applicable lawsand regulations as they apply to this job type/position
2. Complete all planned Quality & Compliance training within thedefined deadlines
3. Identify and report any quality or compliance concerns and takeimmediate corrective action as required
4. Support compliance/closure of Regulatory and Quality requirementsbefore completing Design Outputs/Program Deliverables
5. Participate in continuous improvement activities by identifying andappropriately escalating process and product quality gaps, providingsolutions when possible

1. Bachelor’s or above degree on medicine (radiology diagnostic) orequivalent experience, 5 years related clinical applicationexperience.有 普放科Xray 经历
2. Self-confident and global minded
3. Demonstrated leadership skills
4. Sound radiology clinical experience, preferably in the medical field
5. Good customer & marketing sense

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Motivation and interest in developing medical technology
2. Ability to lead and supervise other clinical specialists
3. Strong communication skills
4. International work experience

  • 医学生物化学,基础医学放射医学

  • 本科

  • 3-5年



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