Diabetes Medical Affairs Professional

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Diabetes Medical Affairs Professional

Working location: 上海

The Medical Affairs Professional is a therapeutically aligned clinicalscientist who will play a key role within the medical affairsorganization. The primary focus of the Medical Affairs Professional isto use the individuals knowledge of specific disease states, availabletreatments, and investigational compounds to help deliverstrategic/tactical thinking and lifecycle planning in partnership withthe Brand Team. Additionally, the Medical Affairs Professional may actas an interface between Lilly and Thought Leaders to provide advanceddisease state data and to exchange scientific and clinical information.

Brand Team Support
• Serve as a key medical point of contact for the brand team:
o Contribute clinical, scientific and strategic input to support thecross functional team
o Medical launch support
o Contribute to the development of local brand plans & medicalstrategies
o By offering scientific and creative input, contribute to thedevelopment (local materials) and/or review (global/regional materials)of promotional materials for the brand teams.
o Effectively communicate and transfer knowledge of the therapeuticavailable solutions environment, the clinical landscape and relevantmedical and scientific information
• Oversee the medical component of local Patient Support Programs and/or own overall responsibility of local Patient support programs.
• Support the medical training needs of internal business partners suchas sales and marketing
• Oversee the collation and analysis of customer information to driveunderstanding and insights
• Support the planning & implementation of symposia, advisoryboards, scientific exchange and educational meetings/events with HCP’s
• Provide recommendations for TL’s and other external parties to serveas consultants, faculty
• Effectively collaborate with alliance partners

Customer Support & Experience
• Respond to external customer questions and needs, includingescalations by Med Info & sales in accordance with company-widerequirements for responding to unsolicited requests for information
• The local coordination of activities and engagement of Thought Leaders
• Speaker training
• Develop and maintain collaborations and relationships with relevantprofessional societies
• Deliver scientific, educational, and promotional presentationsinternally and to customers
• The % of time an MAP spends giving promotional presentations should becomparable to the % of time a CRP or CRS gives promotional presentations
• Collaborate cross-functionally to drive improvement in customerengagement through Digital innovation
• Take a leadership role in Medical to deliver positive customerexperiences

Scientific Expertise and Medical Affairs Delivery

• Develop and/or contribute to the affiliate / therapeutic area medicalplan and strategies
• Support data analysis and the development of slide sets andpublications (abstracts, posters, manuscripts)
• Partner with other existing medical affairs roles (CRP, CRS, ML, MI…)to achieve a seamless medical team aimed at delivering exceptionalcustomer experiences
• Medical letter creation (local) and review (regional or global) incollaboration w/ Med Info
• Support Scientific Data Disclosure (SDD plans)
• May serve as the affiliate medical/scientific leader includingresearch and regulatory deliverables
• Critically read and evaluate relevant medical literature to be currentin the TA
• Keep up to date with medical and other scientific developmentsrelevant to the product or portfolio
• Be aware of current trends, issues and projections for clinicalpractice and access

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

Education & Medical Experience
• Master’s degree in health sciences considered with ≥ 2years ofclinical, research or therapeutic experience,relevant scientificindustry experience is preferred, Diabetes, Oncology preferred
Demonstrated Skills
• Advanced interpersonal, communication, team work, project managementand presentation skills
• Commercial/business acumen and contribution
• Ability to ‘translate’ scientific data into meaningful, clear andcompliant content for customer communications and engagement
• Knowledge and experience at the customer interface
• Ability to effectively partner across multiple functions including butnot limited to Marketing, GPS, Compliance, Legal, Regulatory, PRA, andHTAEffective, strong leadership and ability to influence, includingupward
• High workload capacity including ability to manage and prioritizebroad deliverables of a complex nature
Other Information/Additional Preferences:
• Office based.
  • 临床医学

  • 硕士

  • 1-2年


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